Do you know how many domains are available online? Some websites inform that the number is over 1.1 billion. You can say that an entire universe of registered domains is waiting for you to find your type. But you cannot afford to be late in your decision-making because data also suggest that about five billion users use the internet. Still, you cannot make hasty choices, especially if you want to launch a business idea. The domain should be relevant and relatable. You can still speed up your research by looking at 2022 domain trends worldwide. For example, Youtube and Google have been at the top of searches, and there were newcomers like TikTok.

Like this, you can study what’s been hot this year to buy premium domains for your needs. Here is a snippet of the same to make your task a little smoother.

Domain names

If you study this aspect, you will know what type of domain names and TLDs worked. Currently, .com rules the chart as always. One in three survey participants confirms that such an extension has a greater recall value. Also, considering ten top-performing websites, you will realize that only two options were uncommon. They end with .org and .ru. However, experts suggest not underestimating the domain name. Nielson’s report says that domain names play a critical role in brand recognition. The shorter and sweeter ones with to-the-point quality are memorable. Examples include,,,,, etc. Most of them featured two or three syllables.

Domain types

Another interesting insight is the type of domain that dominated the digital landscape in 2022. You come across countless domains that rank high under specific categories, such as video, social media, eCommerce, etc. If you consider this, TLD extension .com, eCommerce site, social media platform, video streaming service, sports site, and others will attract your attention. Again, if you noticed, all these sites use .com. It proves the report’s credibility, suggesting that .com makes up 53% of all websites worldwide. .ca domains occupy 11% and .org 4.4% market share.

Ecommerce domains

Amazon, which gets 3 billion visitors monthly, holds about 40% market share in the eCommerce space. It has been the top domain since 1995, only challenged by brands like AliExpress, eBay, etc. So, apart from these three, you can count,,,, and on the list.

Health domains

Due to the pandemic, there has been a spike in wellness and health-related websites. This list includes,,,, etc. Of all the domains in this space, beat governmental and nonprofit sites by attracting nearly 190 million monthly users.

According to domain experts, domain names don’t need much thinking because of the easily identifiable pattern. The traditional naming norms are still prevalent, even though unique extensions, novel TLDs, and higher prices feature. If you buy a .com site, you can expect its rate to be higher. However, if you don’t want to pay a high price, you can look for other popular alternatives based on your needs.