Does VPN Protects When Using Public Wi-fi

Features of secure VPN from public wifi

People want to save their internet for future preference so they connect the device with the public wi-fi. Users like to enjoy free internet service for browsing, gaming, and streaming. From the protection of public wifi and cyber threats, people like to use VPN software. But, really does VPN protects when using public Wi-fi? Now, you can answer of this question in this article.

Qualities of VPN to protects from public wifi?

VPN companies should give the feature to protect their online activities from the public wifi. A virtual private company should have strong encryption i.e. 256 bit. So, it can help the users while sharing, downloading, or uploading files. It should offer password security to get privacy while working on the internet.

How do you protect yourself from public wifi with VPN

  • Use a double verification password, it helps you to get an alert when anyone tries to log in to your device.
  • Do not leave your device alone in a public place. This is the time when no VPN can secure your online work from cyber threats.
  • Change the password immediately after using the public wifi. Because if users try to misuse your identity then they become unable to access your device.
  • Turn off the automatic wifi connectivity, it can lead to high risk. People like to connect to a VPN when they are using the internet. In this case, if your device gets connected with the public wifi when your VPN is off. Then, hackers can get the password and steal all your information.

Best secure VPN company

KeepSolid and RusVPN are the best virtual private network companies to secure your personal information.

VPN Unlimited

  • VPN Unlimited have password security for high privacy.
  • It has 256-bit encryption for strong security.
  • There are no logs so when you connect with the public wifi, no one can see your history.
  • It contains a kill switch feature to give an extra layer of privacy to your online activity.
  • VPN Unlimited detects and alerts you from the sites that contain malware.


  • RusVPN gives you a wifi protection facility.
  • Users can generate the password as much complex as they want.
  • It can easily scan the malware to secure your work.
  • 256-bit encryption helps to secure work done on the internet.
  • RusVPN does not have log policies.

Both these companies give their best to protect information even users are connected with the public wifi. You can also apply for the VPN Unlimited discount code and RusVPN discount code to get privacy at an affordable price. Users of virtual private network software can get security within their budget.

Is Public wifi safe with a VPN?

Public wifi does not fully protect your online information even you are using the wifi. But, you need to get alerts from cybercrimes or hackers. Most of the safety precautions depend on the diebestenvpn users also to secure identity from the prying eyes. Choose the VPN which encrypts all your information while you are connected with the public wifi also.

Do you need VPN if you don’t use public wifi?

Does VPN Protects When Using Public Wi-fi - Copy

In recent times people do not use VPN software. But nowadays a virtual private network app becomes the need of the people. It is used by students, teenagers, elders and by businessmen also. Some VPN like RusVPN also offers a special discount for the student to save huge bucks up to 20% on a 3-year plan.

What are the other benefits of VPN?

benefits of VPN

A virtual private network software does not provide privacy on your online activities. It does other work too. If you are using the VPN then you can also gets access of geo-restricted sites. If you are going abroad and unable to read or watch your favorite content and movies. Then you can switch the IP address with your country and enjoy browsing, or streaming also. It helps you to play the games which are banned in your country.


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