Do you want to make your industry applications stand unique in the competitive market? If yes, then exploring the benefits of angular with core is highly beneficial for you. Instead of knowing the benefits of these amazing technologies such as ASP.NET Core for backend and Angular for frontend individually, you can explore the benefits of angular with core combination.

What are the benefits of combining Angular with ASP.Net Core?

In general, you can grab a lot by choosing Angular with ASP.Net Core for the back end of the online application. Proceed further and explore the benefits you can grab by combining both technologies.

●  Decoupled Codebase

While developing the angular applications with the core as the backend, the angular code remains independent and free of the dot net code. You can effectively host it in a different repository when you plan to combine it later. As you can hold the service side in hand, such a feature can be helpful when you decide to develop any mobile version in your near future.

  • Fast Development

Angular with core: majestic full stack combination is undoubtedly the best option when you prefer to create the most extraordinary net core web application. Considerably, the application development process can speed up due to the abundance of paid libraries and open-source available in those frameworks.

Here it can be recognized that TypeScript is used in angular development. TypeScript is the dynamically typed language similar to C#. TypeScript syntax is also highly similar to the C# syntax. Such similarity can result with fewer errors and you can use the same classes with some minor adjustments only.

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Cheap Deployment

Linux holds the industry pioneer title when it comes to the cloud and enterprise servers, in spite of Windows having the essential market share on the desktop PCs.

It is the already known fact that the dot net core is the cross platform, open source, free & almost works everywhere. By using the open-source Angular, you can run the dot net core web application on the Linux platforms.

The Linux server deployment has exceeded the Windows server in recent years based on its popularity because of its simplicity of large-scale deployment, reduced cost,and availability of open-source software and ease of customization.

Linux is the UNIX based OS that provides the dependable, reliable and robust system. Apart from that, Linux is very much safe. It will also limit all the input from various outside sources.

Visual Studio is the best example in this case. Due to the ability to create self-contained applications, Visual Studio 2017 allows programmers to package better web applications to operate properly on Linux.

When compared to alternatives, such an application is highly cost effective for business since don’t need the .NET SDK installation on the server. To make everything possible, you can hire angular developers and get their assistance throughout this process.

  • UI Stack Plasticity

Here you also have the chance of combining the native ASP.NET MVC UI with the angular too. It can be possible due to the latest version of ASP.NET Razor and few extensions from the library varieties.

When you prefer the back-end development over the front-end development, it can considerably move all the functionalities from the client to their server. It provides the great opportunity to get better performance for the first-page load when it is combined with the server-side rendering.

Why is .Net Core for Backend best?

While considering statistics, around 77.2% of survey participants have named angular With core as their highly preferred non-web framework, according to the Stack Overflow yearly survey. In addition to that, the dot net core community has got contributions from 60,000 developers and 3,700 businesses.

So without any doubt, it is very clear that the dot net core future is very bright. It is also anticipated that the dot net core is mainly considered during making future investments in dot net.

The approach of Microsoft over app development has undergone extraordinary evolution with the introduction of dot net core – open-source cross-platform network. Have a look at below to know the benefits that you can grab via implementing the .net core.

● Reliable And Simple Maintenance

The dot net core uses the extraordinary combination of F# and C# in contrast to various other languages that tend to be more simple and legible. Professional designers can even improve and arrange the code in the effort for better performance.

A less code can also indicate very reliable and simple maintenance. Along with that, the dot net program has the pledged support of Microsoft that helps make them interoperable with many Microsoft products, have long term reliability and are secure.

  • High Performance

The dot net core’s modularity is one of its key benefits. It can become substantially faster and more lightweight. Everything is possible due to the strong community backing, incredible Microsoft assistance and new memory allocation principles.

It is very simple for developers to produce high performing and effective code by improving the tools and integrating the core libraries. Due to the quicker development release, and simpler upgrades, now the dot net core is the top web framework in the marketplace.

  • Open Source

Angular with core is the open source framework. Users can grab a wide range of benefits from the versatility of the open-source software. Here each developer can take part in various projects by proposing revisions, suggestions and enhancements for how to solve major problems.

Due to the open-source community’s strong support, you can also alter the current solution around certain minutes when it is not suitable or adequate for your needs. The major thing you have to do now is hiring the leading dot net developer.

  • Cross Platform

One can install the dot net core on any OS according to their preference. But the dot net framework can be installed only on Windows OS. It is the essential benefit since it makes it easy to reduce development expenses and reuse the existing environment.

Frontend with angular JS can increase success:

The angular framework was developed specifically to make it simple to create UI and get beyond other technologies limitations in the integrated and single package.

Check out below to explore the benefits of angular JS:

●  Component Based Structure

The component based architecture of the angular framework can break the design into separate logical components.

  • Two Way Data Binding

Data synchronization occurs around the view and data model automatically and instantly is the better functionality provided by angular.

  • Community

The strong community is the best factor that contributes to the dependability of angular projects and market power.

  • Quick Development

Creating dot net core web applications takes less time since the angular framework lets angular core import and extend the use of pre-made components.


Do you want to increase your project’s productivity via using the best of backend and frontend? Angular with ASP.Net Core can provide a lot via using the desktop and web applications and their .net core angular developers are having more experience with better architectures to meet your app requirements.

To meet your needs, it is best to hire the core development services and increase your project’s productivity to the next level.

Author: I am Bhavika and I am Angular developer at CMARIX and I have more than 5+ years of experience and I love to write about technology related content.