Fastest VPN Review- Is FastestVPN the Best for Your Needs? 

Fastest VPN

Do you allow someone to keep a record of your online activities and even share it with others? Do you want to keep your private files secure while working online? A VPN is your best companion in providing security and internet freedom with some other additional benefits.

In this blog, I am going to talk about FastestVPN — a VPN everyone talks about these days. On Trustpilot, it has received 389 reviews with an average score of 4.1.

FastestVPN is a Cayman Island-based company. The reason why it’s an ideal place for a VPN company, is because Cayman Island is not part of any 4/9/14 eyes alliance. This means none of the government can force them to share the data.

Pro Cons
Includes all the essential security features Needs speed consistency for distant servers
Incredibly affordable Failed to unblock some services like BBC iPlayer and Hulu
Available for almost every device
With a single subscription, you can establish up to 10 connections simultaneously
Fast customer support



On its way to improvements, FastestVPN offers a stable VPN app where you can easily choose from the available servers. For the speed, we cannot say it’s the fastest VPN as its name signifies but able to deliver a satisfactory speed. 

What I noticed, for closer servers, FastestVPN brings forth smooth media streaming and browsing. However, for distant servers, sometimes it slows down the internet speed, while there are also a few cases when it struggles to establish a connection.

As a whole, it’s a viable option when it comes to speed, all it needs to ensure a little bit of consistency for distant servers.

Server Locations

One of the imperative factors when choosing a VPN is the availability of server locations. The company really put great focus on increasing the server locations. As of writing, they are holding 500+ VPN servers in 40+ countries. 

Comparably, it does not have as many servers as other VPN services like Cyberghost and PureVPN; still, it’s a decent amount of server locations, in my opinion.

Security and privacy

When it comes to User data protection, FastestVPN offers numerous top-standard features.

No log policy of FastestVPN

FastestVPN claims that they don’t store the login, browsing, and searching data of users. They even say that the FastestVPN does not monitor user activities and the servers they are connected to.

 In case any legal authority asks for any user data, FastestVPN completely disagrees as it is in Cayman Island, so no US rules apply to them.

P2P Torrenting & Unlimited Bandwidth

Thankfully, FastestVPN comes with a P2P-optimized server which helps a lot in downloading big torrent files without getting exposed to the internet. Their Fast servers coupled with unlimited bandwidth make the best deal for most of the users. Just think, what are you going to do with fast servers if bandwidth runs out in a few days?

Multiple Protocols

FastestVPN packs a variety of VPN protocols to further ensure your protection, including IKEv2, IPSec, TCP, UDP, L2TP, PPTP, etc., but these all are not available on every app.

You can also set OpenVPN manually to achieve the highest speed and security. But sometimes, it feels a little annoying to set up manually.

Kill Switch

An effective kill switch that is perfect in bad situations. It cuts off the internet connection in case of any interference with your connection to secure your identity.

Smart Tunneling

This feature lets you choose the traffic you want to route through VPN and directly. In simple words, you can set your browser to UK location and Banking apps to use the public internet route. Unfortunately, it is only available in the FastestVPN’s android app.

FastestVPN Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption is armed by FastestVPN, which is also known as Military-grade because it is uncrackable with today’s computing power.

NAT Firewall

Net Firewall adds an extra layer of protection. Basically, it acts as a protective shield for your network to block malicious traffic coming from the internet.

Ad-Blocker & Anti-malware

Not every VPN offers these in the bundle. So it’s a plus for FastestVPN users because their ad blocker works great in blocking ads on browser, youtube, and popup links. Apart from that, anti-malware, in my opinion, is just to alert you from malicious links.

Fastest VPN Pricing

I mostly do not prefer to enter into long-term contracts, but when prices are this down, I don’t mind taking such very little risk. Like any other premium VPN service, FastestVPN offers a bigger discount on longer subscription periods. A single month costs you $10/month while the cost diminishes to $2.49/month for a 1-year subscription contract. You will get the sweetest price for a 3-year plan that will cost you just $1.11/month.

Whatever you are comfortable with, you can pay through all the common credit cards and Paypal. Gladly, they have extended the payment method to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

How to Setup Fastest VPN on your device

Setting up FastestVPN on any device such as Computer, Phone, Tablet, TV, etc., is incredibly easy. Firstly, you need to sign up for FastestVPN to proceed further; here are the steps to do so:

  • Go to the FastestVPN site
  • Click on BUY NOW
  • Select your subscription plan
  • Provide your email and other required info
  • Select your payment method

Windows and MAC

Downloading and installing FastestVPN on windows and mac is quite similar.

  • Go to the FastestVPN site
  • Click on the APP tab
  • Select the windows or mac version
  • Then download it
  • Now open the downloaded setup and wait until the installation concludes
  • After installing, open the application and Log in

Android and iOS

  • Open the store on your device
  • Search for FastestVPN and open it from the result
  • Now tap on the Install button (it will start installation after the download completes)
  • Launch the app and Log in to your account


Well, in the end, what I have to say, FatestVPN still needs to focus on its speed and stable connection for its distant servers. Furthermore, compared to the competition, they do not own that many servers. However, in the battle against censorship and media streaming, it is an effective tool. FastestVPN is a worthy deal to grab, especially with such an eye-catching price tag.