How to get professional product photography on a small business budget

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Photography grows a business, and quality professionals invest in product photography to grow a successful eCommerce business. Although professional eCommerce product photography is expensive, it can generate good business. We have seen small businesses giving up before even exploring options available for product photography. EtherArts Product photography Atlanta is helping small businesses find success online, assisting them with professional product photography within budget.

In this guide, we share tips to display your product as a quality option to target customers making the best of the available resources.

Take inspiration 

You do not have to learn through trial and error. For inspiration, check out what others in your business category are doing to generate sales. As product photographer in Atlanta service, we always begin with a bit of product research to understand how top sellers market a particular product through pictures. There is a lot of product information that can be provided visually. It is essential to plan this communication. Take inspiration from the leading brands in your category. This will help you understand what product properties or features you must highlight through pictures.

Understand what makes a product image high-quality 

As any eCommerce product photographer, they will tell you that high-quality product pictures are all about the correct resolution. So, you might not need expensive camera equipment after all. The higher the resolution of the product picture, the better its quality will be. When you create high-resolution images, you have images that look clear and sharp. Low-resolution images are often blurry and pixelated, which turns off customers. It also raises questions about the authenticity and quality of the brand.

Even with a not-so-high-quality camera, you can take professional-looking product pictures by adjusting the lighting. Remember that high-quality images create a positive perception of your brand among customers.

Take multiple angles of the same product 

When your customers are unable to visit your store and physically feel the product, it’s your responsibility to allow them visually feel the product. This is why you must capture the same product from multiple angles. During our professional product photography session, we ensure to capture any eCommerce product from front, back, top, bottom, and sides. It’s essential to provide a 360-degree view of the product with details to let customers make a buying decision.

You do not need fancy props to sell your product. Put up a white background focusing on capturing the product from all angles so that important details are captured. You can use props if required but focus on the main product more.

Learn from professionals 

No, it would help if you didn’t take classes. You are better off spending time selling, but if you decide to become an eCommerce product photographer for your store, you will need guidance. You can start by learning how to create a cheap setup for professional product photography.  Furthermore, you must also know some vital DIY tips such that you don’t get stuck in the middle with poor-quality pictures.In our experience, there multiple ways to create professional eCommerce images, and these tips will help you pick the right approach that fits your budget, timeline, and business needs.


When eCommerce product photos impact consumers’ purchase decisions to such an extent, you must display your products in the best light. We hope this guide will help you get professional product photography on a small budget.Alternatively, you can hire EtherArts as your professional product photography partner. We have helped several online sellers drive sales by offering our services within their budgets.