Is Hiring an eCommerce Image Editing Agency Worth it?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could present the most appealing product images to your customers and drive sales? Also, add that you could get everything done without spending your time, resources, skills, and even dealing with an image problem.

It feels good even to think, right?

Discover how you can enjoy these benefits while dealing with the most crucial part of your eCommerce business – product image.

But before we jump into that, let’s discuss why people opt for photo editing services and what their prospects are looking for.

Why do businesses get eCommerce photo retouching services?

There are three main reasons why businesses outsource photo editing services:

  • They want to make their product images look appealing.
  • They need a professional touch for perfection.
  • Their business is growing (but they lack time, resources, and skills)

Find an explanation of each with a few examples below.

Presentation and result

Customers’ purchasing behaviors vary from one to another.

Although product information is still considered part of a product’s sales pitch, most customers rely on the product image. Therefore, they want to ensure that it looks authentic and original.

About 70% of e-commerce shoppers consider the quality of the image and its details before making a purchase decision.

Businesses that need to process a bulk of complex image editing services.

And the top image editing service providers can process more than 6000 images in 24 hours.

Thanks to their expertise and a large number of resources.

Complex project

When it comes to processing a complex, it not only becomes hassling but much more difficult. Therefore, you want to avoid these kinds of image processing. Given that, an eCommerce image editing service provider can get all the complex projects done while you focus on something else.

Complex images vary because it depends on clients’ requirements. It can be adding shadows to grill furniture, altering a product’s color that needs detail editing or even recreating a vector from product artwork.

What are customers looking for in a product image?

Quality, clarity, and authenticity are primary components that attract users. Although image editing amplifies its presentation, overdoing it might hinder the intended goal.


Speaking of quality, consumers prefer judging a product based on the quality of a product image. That said,

67% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing the product.

Simply put, it is not just the product; it’s what they see before buying.

Product Details

It is obvious that customers want to find every detail they want to know. As a result, you will find that most thriving e-commerce businesses enable a zoom-in option on the product image.


Human purchasing behavior says they don’t trust before they feel it is right. Therefore, ensuring the originality of a product image is essential.

Otherwise, customers might feel deceived once they discover it is NOT the product they look at online.

All of these factors must be present in a product image if you want to drive revenue. You don’t want to take the headache or hassle of looking at all these factors.

Let’s now look at how to find and hire an agency for your image processing and get your desired results.

How Do You Identify the Top Photo Editing Service?

As much hassling as it may seem to find an image editing company, it is pretty straightforward. However, throughout the search, it is essential to consider several factors before the deal handshake.

Those are:

Define Service Category First

You need to categorize the services your business need. If you don’t know what service category your selected images fall into, have a quick look at your requirement on the web.

This will give you an exact track to follow to find a service provider that matches your requirement.

Let’s say you want to change and replace the background of some photographed images.

Note: In the article, the process will be based on an image background removal service. However, the mentioned process remains almost identical to other image processing services.

Evaluate Company Profile

If you search for “image editing companies,” it will show you hundreds and thousands of results. But not all established companies are credible and competent to deliver the best results.

Once you are done with choosing your preferred image processing service, it is time to put on your critic glasses.

There are several aspects of a company that you need to consider. Such as:

Market Experience

If you want to judge a company’s market experience, you need to ask the followings:

  • How many years are they operating?
  • What kind of companies did they work with?
  • How many clients do they have in their portfolio?
  • Do they provide services locally or globally?

Company Status

By company status, it refers to its position among customers. You can be able to sort through their customers’ reviews and testimonials.

If you think this company is using fake reviews, there are forums where stakeholders discuss their businesses. That would be a great place to ask and get the answer to which company provides the best eCommerce photo retouching services.


Reviewing a company’s work portfolio is very important if you want to opt for a long-term deal. When reviewing, note that if they have–

  • Delivered similar work before
  • Expertise in multiple categories
  • Recognition at the place of their operation


This is very important for avoiding any clashes and the hassle of dealing with an agency. Customer orientation covers the below factors:

  • After-sales service
  • Customer support
  • Work order customer journey

Pro-Tip: The best way to assess an image editing agency is to utilize their “Free Trial” option. Agencies confident about their work add this trial version to give customers an idea of their work before any decision.

opt for results over price

Of course, pricing plays a significant role in sorting and selecting an image processing company.

It is also true that quality comes with a price tag.

If you consider both price and quality, you may get puzzled easily. In this case, exploring different packages can help. Besides, you can ask for a customized package.

For instance, you will find some companies providing an eCommerce image editing service starting from 35¢ per image only. Compared to other service providers, this is the most affordable price with quality image editing service.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a quick recap.

This article covered the reasons and how eCommerce image editing can drive revenue for your business.

  • Most thriving businesses utilize image editing services to make their image appealing and fix image problems
  • The presence of quality, details, and authenticity in product image is vital for a thriving business because this is what they subconsciously consider.
  • Hiring a professional and renowned image editing company with all the characteristics can benefit you.