How To Translate a Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificate

When it comes to formal translations and international legal documents, every country has its own rules and regulations. When it comes to the translation of your birth certificate from Chinese to English, you cannot complete this task on your own, you must appoint a certified Chinese translator who has the best abilities to translate the certificate accurately.

This article will give some basic tips on how to find translators in your area that are qualified.  Often in the legal field, there is a need to translate a document from one language to another. If you do not understand the difference between an official document and translated content, it can be quite confusing when you came across a situation where your client needs their birth certificate translated. Learn about what qualifications legal translators have and reviews of the companies offering these translations.

The Translation Process

Although the process of translation into Chinese or English may seem simple, there is a lot of detailed work to be done. A translator should be years of studying including DAW (daytime American broadcast). Next, Translations often require a few months for translation where there are certain cases depending on the languages involved. Certain professions like electrical engineers and engineering technicians can undertake translations that would cost tens of thousands of dollars at rates that make it commercially unviable, but many businesses offer sales incentives including free tax fees for professionals in these fields.

Costs of a Birth Certificate

We appreciate how the law has created a concrete and specific way to hire someone to translate your birth document. It is important you not only hire an accredited translator, but one who is also positioned on your side as an expert in this specialized field. Let me tell you about some of the costs that might come up when hiring for a birth certificate translation service. A birth certificate translation needs to be performed by a sworn translator. The average cost of translation services is approximately $130 but the number may change depending on how specific your request is. There are also various fees to take into accounts, such as government charges and document fees.

Advice for Translation Services

Translation services typically charge by the pages translated. These rates ranged from $8 to $19 per page up to 1,800 pages. As there are no set rules regarding how many translators need to translate a document, wh Everyone’s situation is unique, but you have the power to find a specialist in your particular business niche. Even if the government translation doesn’t meet your needs, more than one company can translate the document for you.

Where to Start with Translation Services

To get started with translation services, you need to identify the country of your source document. Use publicly available resources such as Google Search and Bing or enlist the help of a language professional nearby. Once you choose who to work with, set a budget for your project total and start working out details with the translator. A birth certificate, like any document, can be very complicated in terms of language. That said, there are many places where people learn how to translate documents and we’re going to talk about two ways you can get started. Keep in mind that not all translations are guaranteed 100% accuracy.


Companies and individuals who hire translators often spend more money on translation services than they would if they were producing the content in-house. There are three main ways to translate a birth certificate: document by document, individual by individual, and company-wide. Nearly always an individual company will handle the translation process speedier, better, and cheaper than their competition.


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