Before choosing the best online Ludo game let’s discuss this game like what are the rules to play this game or how many players can play this game at once. Firstly, Ludo is one of the most loved indoor games in the world and it is a magical game that makes your relationship stronger with the person you are playing Ludo.

It is a game played on a board and has four corners one for each player. There are four tokens for each player and the person who takes all four tokens to the finish line first wins the match to move these tokens there is a single dice which is rolled by each player to get a number.

As we know that technology has raised too much and everything is going digital so some of the gaming organizations have launched online Ludo games so that if someone is missing their loved one and wants to play Ludo with them can play it on their smartphone or tablet. Not only this but some online Ludo games offer real cash when you play them and some games have daily contests which have a big prize pool.

Tips to remember before choosing an online Ludo game

Are you looking for the best online Ludo game? If yes then you have to check several factors about the game when you are downloading a Ludo game firstly you should check the organization or founder of the game and research about them if they are fraudulent or genuine. Security is one of the major concerns among these factors so you should check if the game is completely safe otherwise your money could be stuck or your data can be leaked or it can cause you a lot of problems.

The most effective and good way to find the best online Ludo game is to read the reviews of that game. Many users comment on their experience about the game after playing it which can help you in choosing the right game for you. If there are a lot of positive comments then you can go with the game. You have to remember one thing in your mind whichever game you are downloading you should check whether the game is licensed or not. License is available on their home page so before investing make sure that the game is legal and has a license.

There are a lot of people who start playing the game without checking the terms and conditions or payment methods of that game. Remember that you share a lot of information when you play an online Ludo game so be aware and check the security of that game because there are some fraud games and organizations that just take your money and after investing in these fraud games you can’t play the game.

Some of the Best and Trusted online Ludo Games

As you know that not every online Ludo game is legit some of them are scammers and because of these frauds genuine games are getting hatred and negative comments. These fraud companies trap those people who are newbies or beginners because they don’t know the terms and conditions of the game and invest without even checking the security and license of the game.

If you are one of those beginners then don’t worry we are here to help you in choosing the right online Ludo game for you. We have mentioned above the tips to remember before you download an online Ludo game so just check them to be aware of frauds.

Moreover, we are providing you with the list of the most trusted online Ludo games and not only this but these games also offer you money when you sign up for them or when you refer the game to your friends. So here is the list of the top 10 online Ludo games:

  1. Ludo Empire
  2. Ludo Fantasy
  3. Gamezy Ludo
  4. MPL
  5. Rush by Hike: Ludo Paytm cash Apk
  6. Ludo Supreme Gold
  7. Ludo Ninja
  8. Halo Ludo
  9. PlayerzPot Ludo
  10. Fantasy Khiladi


Ludo is one of the most ancient board games played between 2 or 4 players at once. Nowadays technology and raised alternately with time and now the world is digitalising so some of the gaming companies launched Ludo online to play easily on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

If you are the one searching for the best online Ludo game then you are at the right place our tips will help in choosing the right and trusted app for you. Moreover, not only tips but there is a list of top-rated Ludo games and you can earn real money by playing these games. You can spend quality time with your loved ones while playing Ludo and make your bond stronger with them and you can earn money together.

You have to follow our tips and make the right decisions and your success is assured. Here are some tips on how you can win the game firstly open all the tokens when you get the chance and don’t run only a single piece all the time. Kill the opponents as soon as possible follow these tips and you are all set to win all the games.


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