How to Audit a Website the Right Way?

Website audit

What is a website audit?

A website audit is a thorough and extensive analysis of the website to identify the website architecture. It helps you identify the elements that obstacle your website’s search visibility in the search engines. The process of website auditing includes the analysis of traffic, user engagement, user experience, site health, website performance, and functionality. Besides, it also identifies the vulnerability of the website to security threats. Essential tools are used to carry out the website audit. Some of the popular tools are Google search console, HubSpot Website Grader, Hotjar, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

How to do a website audit?

Before diving into the steps of the website audit, you need to understand its significant parts. You will need to know its segments on the basis of which to carry out the audit process. You have to assess the following basic segments which are key to attaining a top rank in search engines. If you aptly audit these segments, you will find absolutely no difficulty in overturning the problems that hinder driving more traffic to your website.

The segments of the website audit are:

1- Website security audit.

2- Site health audit.

3- Social media presence audit.

4- Conversion rate optimization audit.

5- Negative SEO audit.

6- Penalty and recover audit.

7- Duplicate content audit.

Step no.1: Analyse the technical aspects of the website:

Many websites use enhanced technological features to their websites to draw traffic. Whether or not your website is doing well, you will need an audit to check out the performance. Start off by checking out the technical aspects of the website. It will provide the details if the technology is working or not. Check if your website is using a Secure Socket Protocol(SSL), if yes, check if it properly installed or not. SSL ensures a secure interaction between the clients and the server. Also, check if your website uses an analytics suite to report to you about the leads and customer engagement. Check on the website backups if they are performing rightly. Make sure that you have updated plugins on your website.

Step no. 2: Analyse the SEO efforts on the website:

The second most important step is to check the SEO efforts on the website. SEO is the basic ingredient of optimizing a website and ranking it high up in the search engine. If you have excelled in the SEO task on the website, nothing can potentially aside your website from making it to top places. Anyhow, the second step of doing a website audit is checking if every webpage has an optimized potential keyword in the title tag and meta description or not. Experts of SEO services recommend assessing everything related to SEO efforts online and offline. Also, make sure that the content on the page is highly helpful and relevant to keywords and that the content page is accessible from the main menu. Check if the content available to share on social media platforms.

Step no. 3: Analyse your content:

Though content is a part of SEO, you should thoroughly check it. As they say- content is the king, it really is. Make sure that the content on the website has quality. E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) enhances the quality of content. The content must reflect Expertise, should hold Authority, and must always be Trustworthy. The content must be void of grammatical errors and plagiarism. Evaluate if the content is highly relevant to the customers who may want to avail of your products and services.

Step no.4: Analyse the customer experience:

The fourth step is analyzing customer experience. The first thing to check if the user is having a great experience on your website is its loading time. On average internet quality, the website must load within 3 seconds. If not, consider the users crossing the tab right away. Make sure that you have clear and easy-to-find tabs and menus. Also, ensure that you do not place ads that disrupt the users’ engagement on the website. Furthermore, you must check if you have used videos on the pages that autoplay.


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