How to Use HubSpot Tools for Your SaaS Business with Examples

SaaS Business

Business strategies become more easy for the companies just because of software as a service (SaaS). As nowadays people are working from homes so no need to go and purchase and install anything you can get it from anywhere. and as it is the method of providing tools online it may be more challenging to market it.

For providing tools hubspot is a good source where you can find all types of tools available at the same platform. All the tools available in half spot our market are appropriate and user friendly and do not require any kind of coding for using these tools. and here inbound marketing is used which helps in making a good sale online, once the sale is done the people will start believing it.

What Makes SaaS Marketing Unique

Okay so basically when the user buy something, you are getting a product that is hard work of someone else whether it is a fully made car a website or something else but SaaS marketing do not include all these things it is just like convincing someone for buying some products but it is not as easy as it looks we can explain it with an example if you are owning a car and you do not want to switch because it is your first and only car so it is very difficult for someone to convince you buy a new car until you do not want it, same way SaaS convince the users to switch to new technologies which are in market trend or convinced them to switch to your business.

Why SaaS Companies Need Inbound Marketing

Business owners have lots of work to do. They have to manage all the things and run the whole company so they cannot be receptive  to disruptive attempts to inform the product.

Inbound marketing helps you and them  by slowly reel them in. You can do all the things like maintaining the emails, making to do lists, providing all the information and seeing the concern and difficulties coming into things can be done so now how SaaS can be helpful in providing you greater solutions.

All of these things require a lot of strategy so you have to make sure that how many people are reaching out on your page, how many people are searching for products getting on your page, how many people are engaging in your activities, how sales are being benefited by opening your marketing emails.

All these solutions are covered by hubspot from your visiting a website to becoming a customer for that website hubspot provides with different types of tools that attract the user and let them continue to visit your page.

What Are HubSpot Marketing Tools and Features?

Here are hubspot marketing tools and features. These amazing tools help in lots of management in the business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a tool which allows you to keep all the records, the names, the contacts, the emails and all the ways how to reach them. hubspot development services has a feature of integrating with the apps you are using before it also keeps track of all the prior communication, email templates. and due to the presence of all the information you can provide your customer with better service and do not have to transfer them from one to another departments.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very important to maintain a relationship between customer and service provider. It is used for communicating between the users and the company for the better service and to improve and know their experience and feedback, to know their requirements. hubspot also provides you with the email templates to match your brand. They also set the emails automated as when someone clicks on the new registration you will immediately get the email.

Content Management System (CMS)

This tool helps in managing all the content present in the system taking care of editing, and publishing the content. The CMS system also provides different themes. Not only this it also has a feature of drag and drop so that your web page can look exactly what you wanted to. There is a coding requirement for using a CMS tool. You don’t need to purchase a third party plug-in for the suggestions for improving SEO, native payment function and also for managing the social media account.


This feature helps you in experimenting on the web pages, custom objects, landing page etc without disturbance in the current customer once you are satisfied with your result you can deploy it across the board.

Customer feedback

HubSpot also provides you with the customer feedback system where you can make feedback forms in accordance to know the customers requirements and the area of improvement in your business. you can easily deploy customer satisfaction surveys or can use one pre built tools net promoter score or customer efforts source.

Customer Support

Customer service is everything if you are owning a business which is going too well in the market then also some of the users are facing problems in your services. The customer system provides them the facility to contact the service providers and clear out the things related to the service. Hubspot centralizes all service tickets to the same place.

App Integrations

HubSpot integrates your application with that you have to make sure which application can work with hubspot on hubspot app marketplace. HubSpot also syncs well with 50 other popular business applications such as Salesforce, Slack, campaign monitor, Shopify etc. you can do one way or two way syncing or can interconnect only some portion of the database.


You can set up all the things like email sales actions such as sending tickets or communication follow up. No need to do it manually you can set it according to your need as if you want after a particular time period of the sale the follow up should be done you can set the system according to the requirements.

Native Payments

To make a payment you do not require anyone to call housepot provides you the feature of recurring payment and also secured the payment links so that the user can easily do the payment formalities. also provides the facility of giving payment links to any communication securely including email, custom quotes etc. you can also go through the history of payments in the customer CRM file.

Customer Portals

In 2017 hubspot introduced a customer portal where customers can login and check their ticket request, track the details and also can go through the previous chats available on the portal. It enables customers to go through the information when needed.

How HubSpot Helps Improve SaaS Marketing (+ Examples)

There are several reasons why hub spot is useful for SaaS marketing. Here are some examples how hub spots can improve SaaS marketing.

Shorten Sales Cycles With Automated Lead Nurturing

To convince a new user to become a customer can be a long process but with the feature of personalization it can be easy and can shorten the step.  As a new customer requires a lot of research, that is what the nature of SaaS is .

Create Saas Onboarding Workflows

Signing up of a new customer can be really good news for the whole organization but making the customer family with your services can be a long and difficult process so hubspot development service helps in making a workflow in such a way that you can set up the page according to the users it is very user friendly and provides a long term relationship with your customers.

Create Custom Reporting Dashboards

using hubspot you can get a feature of customizing your data according to your team and your requirement it help the team member and experts to work on the things they wanted to and do not get stock into different things that are not relevant at that particular time so by using this you can easily track the progress of each of the marketing campaign.

Save Time With an All-in-One Platform

There are many different companies available in the market which provide you with the same services but the problem related to them is you have two purchase different plugins with different service providers but her spot helps in getting all the tools in the same platform and decreases the difficulty of the organization of purchasing from different platforms.

Support Onboarding Process with Implementation Services

For implementing something new which is going according to market trend can be a difficult process for the company to adopt and also to prepare your team members according to the services but it is not as difficult as we think using hubspot development service comes with all in one service and do not require any coding also so it can be bit easier than any other platforms to adapt in your organization and for your team also.

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