How to Use Influencer Marketing to Attract New Customers

Young people watching a live streaming. Social media concept.
Young people watching a live streaming. Social media concept.

According to CNBC, the social media influencer market is estimated to be worth $1 Billion. This is due to the amount of sway many of these influencers have over their followers. One of the most controversial yet leading influencers in the world, Logan Paul, has 20 Million followers. Many well-known Brands have endorsed him in the past to promote their products. This is because they know that through him, they can reach out to 20 million people. In this digital age we live in, it is important to find ways to use influencers in your business to get the word out about your product or service. With some clever planning, you can use social media to your advantage. Here are some guidelines on how to do that

Create a Strategy

This first step is on how to effectively promote your product. There are many ways to do this. You can host a webinar, a partnership marketing platform and even broadcast it on your social media page.

If you want to use influencer marketing for your business, consider hiring someone to shoot a video or podcast about your business. Include keywords that you will use in your description. Remember, your description is what people will see in search engine results. Include links to your website in the description.

There are several ways you can get your content seen online. Most online businesses use social media. YouTube is also a great place to publish your videos. You can also hire a freelancer to create articles and blog posts about your business.

Interact with Influencers

A great way to get started using influencer marketing for your business is to ask them to be a part of your informal network. Invite them to become a part of your informal network. Invite them to chat about what’s happening in your industry.

You’ll also be able to gain insight from their real-life experiences. This will not only help you understand how to better serve your customers but will give you an inside look at how the business works day in and day out.

It’s important to remember that when interacting with influencers that you don’t treat them like your usual customers. You shouldn’t act as though you know them better than anyone. Instead, treat them as close friends who are as passionate about your industry as you are. They can help you gain more customers and grow your business faster than you could by yourself

Also be careful not to alienate your influencers by having them follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Remember, these people are your customers, and they have to be happy with what you are doing. If you alienate them, you may not get the results you were hoping for. Work with them, and not against them.

Communication with Your New Clients is Key

Do not forget to engage with your new clients on a more personal level. It is annoying when a client sends a request or a question and receives an automated, generic response. Once a new client reaches out, it is better to take your time and communicate with them.

Make sure to get in touch with your followers regularly through both the Facebook and Twitter social media platforms. Offer answers to their questions, comment on their stories and offer promotions to your customers. These things always make people happy. They may not react to it immediately, but they’ll appreciate your efforts in the future.

It would even be better if the influencer you have hired could talk to your new clients as well. The more people you can connect with online, the better. It will show in your content, your customer interaction, and more. This is how you build relationships. With these people, you may be able to sell products to them offline as well.


In all, using influencers in your social media strategy can give you a lot of opportunities. Stay true to the messages you share, don’t spam your followers, and use the best social media strategies you have at your disposal. Also, before you start sending them promotional materials, make sure you establish trust. Find out what their business is all about and if they have the same interests as you. This way, your hired influencer can passionately sell your product because they love it!


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