Best Mobile Tracker to track Cell phone live location

Cell phone live location

Mobile tracker is the most powerful and user-friendly GPS tracking application that can track any cellphone location, like friends, family, and employees. You will see the GPS location of your target person virtually on the Google Map when at the time and place of your choosing.

Moreover, this mobile application works on cellphone devices running with different operating systems and cellphone monitoring tools. It has call recording, read messages, social media spy, screenshots, keystrokes logger, and GPS tracking.

Today, we review our handpicked phone tracker app alongside its powerful features, installation process, price, OS compatibility, and usages.

What is mobile tracking app?

Mobile tracker is an application that works on cellphone devices and offers real-time information about the location updates on a phone. The application is known for the best parental control and employee tracking high-quality technology. Cell phone tracking software can display the live location of the target device via a secure web control panel using the GPS.

People are using phone tracker apps on a commercial level.  Today mobile tracking applications have become a norm to track kids’ and employees’ locations secretly. You can use an app to make sure kids safe while they are going and coming from schools, and employers track the live location of employees without them knowing.

Apart from tracking GPS location, mobile tracking application is pack with dozen of features. It can monitor and obtain live information regarding activities that happened on the target device. It unveils call recording, messages, chat, social media logs, emails, surround conversations, and many other activities.

How mobile tracker works?

Do you need any cell phone spy software? Are you scared enough about kid’s online bullying?  Are your employees wasting time during working hours? Well! We have a solution for you, and you need to perform the following steps given below.

Step1: Subscribe to the mobile tracking app

You can get your hands on the best mobile tracker to track cell phone location by visiting the webpage of TheOneSpy. It is the website that provides cell phone tracking apps for commercial purposes. Moreover, get a subscription by visiting its webpage, and you will receive credentials via email.

Step2: Get physical access on the target phone

Moreover, take the target phone of your kids or employees in your hands for a while. You need to start the process of installation and activate the cell phone tracker on the target device.

Step3: Use an online dashboard to activate features

You need to log in to the online dashboard, but you need to use the password and ID you have procured during the subscription. Further, access to the dashboard features and activates them for tracking cellphone location. Further, you can monitor every activity that happened on the target device.

Top 10 benefits of mobile tracker that you need to know

Here are the following benefits of a cell phone monitoring application that you need to know before you get your hands on it.

  • It works secretly on the target device
  • It is the hidden application on any phone
  • It remains undetectable on the cellphone
  • It has non-rooted and jailbreak features
  • It is the best parental monitoring solution
  • Accurately discover employee’s location
  • It has a secure web control panel
  • It is reasonable in price compare to others
  • It is temper proof application
  • It can easily encrypt and protects your data

Top 10 features of Mobile tracker software

Here are the following robust and accurate features of the world’s No.1 cell phone tracker that can track cellphones and monitor activities to the fullest.

GPS tracker

End-users can access the target cellphone device at any point in time and use the location tracker app. It enables users to get to know the following about the target cellphone device.

  • history Real–time location
  • Route map tracking
  • Location tracking via SMS

Social media spy

End-users can access the cellphone device secretly and further read the messaging apps logs. Users can track message, chat, voice messages, voice, and video call logs.

VoIP call recording

End-user can record one-sided voice calls secretly without rooting cellphone. Users can record VoIP calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Line, and others. Moreover, send the data to the TOS web control panel.


End users can capture screenshots secretly on the phone screen and further schedule multiple ones at the same time.

Screen recording

Users can activate a live screen recorder on the target cellphone device. Further, you can record back-to-back short videos of the screen and send them to the web control panel.


End users can connect the target device cameras to the secure online dashboard and get live streaming of cellphone device surroundings. End users can send the data to the online web control panel.

Read messages

End users can send and receive text messages using the text messages tracking app and save the data on the dashboard.

Call recording

You can record live phone calls inbound and outgoing calls using secret call recording software.

Keystrokes logger

Users can monitor and capture keystrokes on the cellphone device using keystrokes logging software. End users can get passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

Password cracker

Mobile tracker has powerful features to steal passwords applied on cellphone home screen lock. You can crack pattern and digit passwords.

TheOneSpy Mobile tracking app Price & packages

It is offering multiple packages for android and iOS devices that you can subscribe via its webpage.

For android

  • You can get Xlite Edition for $6.25 for a month
  • You can get Premium Edition for $12.25 for a month

For iOS

  • You can get iOS premium Edition for $ 35 for a month
  • iOS premium Edition for $55 for 3 months
  • iOS premium plan for $99 for 6 months


Mobile tracking application is compatible with android cellphones and tablet devices running from 5.0 up to OS version 11.0. Moreover, it supports iOS 11.2 up to 14.3 jailbreak iPhones and ipads.


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