How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Online Business Grow?

There are many business practices that owners can apply, to make their daily routine more efficient. Delegating tasks is one of the most important ones. It gets the necessary functions completed while the delegating party can focus on more important tasks. eCommerce is one such industry where an entrepreneur could use all the help they can get due to the immense workload they have to manage. 

The low budgets available can prevent them from getting that help unless they hire virtual assistants for eCommerce store management. You, as an eCommerce entrepreneur, can heap multiple benefits by opting for a VA to help you with your tasks. It will prove to be a turnkey decision in your journey toward accomplishing your business goals. 

Why that is the case, and how you can select such a VA can be found in the succeeding sections of this article. It will help ease your selection process and delegation criteria, giving you the bandwidth you need to take your business to new heights.

How You Can Enhance Your eCommerce Business with a Virtual Assistant

  • Help With Stock Management 

Top brands like Best Buy have encountered circumstances where they canceled customer’s orders due to stock shortages, which affected these brands beyond the loss of sales. You can learn from this mistake and have inventory management that enables prompt and precise delivery. Additionally, it boosts customer loyalty, sales figures, and your eCommerce store’s brand image. 

Your orders can be managed by an eCommerce virtual assistant who is an expert at it. They can ensure that respective customers only receive the products they’ve ordered and within stipulated deadlines. A virtual assistant for eCommerce can monitor your current inventory and notify you when you run out of it. 

The VA can also assist with organizing shipments, gathering orders, and delivering client invoices to shipping agencies. In summary, a virtual assistant for eCommerce companies can keep track of all the orders and guarantee that they are delivered as scheduled.

  • Optimizing Product listing

Your sales could increase significantly if you accurately and promptly list your products. Businesses that list on several platforms typically make more money than those that just sell on one. You have the opportunity to frequently engage with more customers and improve product awareness. However, introducing new products in such a multi-faceted environment with fast-paced competition is highly challenging. 

You must make your new products immediately available to your customers, especially if you constantly introduce new product lines. You would require additional help to complete such time-consuming tasks.

This time-consuming chore of routinely uploading product information and assigning prices to your products can be handled by an eCommerce virtual assistant. For every product page, VAs can write engaging and educational product descriptions that will grab your customers’ attention and provide them with the crucial details they need to make the right purchase decision.

  • Improving Marketing Strategy 

For an eCommerce firm, digital marketing delivers the best of both worlds in terms of reach and ROI. It provides a lifeline for your eStore and accelerates the growth of your company. More than 2/3 of marketers believe that social media marketing is extremely crucial for boosting online sales. However, if you don’t have any prior experience, putting out advertising comes at a significant expense that quickly depletes your investment.

When you hire an eCommerce virtual assistant that’s focused on digital marketing,  you will be able to boost your marketing ROI. An eCommerce virtual assistant who is knowledgeable about the most recent trends in your industry can help you design a successful marketing plan for your company. 

They can assist with setting up email marketing campaigns to develop new connections and solidify existing ones. An eCommerce website virtual assistant can carry out SEO and keyword research activities to increase traffic to your eStore.

  • Building Better Customer Relationships 

Customer loyalty is well known to be the secret to an eCommerce store’s success. By offering exceptional customer service that improves the ultimate user experience, you gain an edge over your rivals. This you can only accomplish with the help of professionals. 

A virtual assistant for eCommerce can expertly undertake the following customer care tasks across communication channels:

  1. Timely responses to consumer questions.
  2. Handling conflicts and consumer complaints, and communicating with the customers.
  3. Managing product exchanges, refunds, and returns.
  4. Engaging with both existing and potential customers to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

How to Choose a Virtual Assistant Service Provider

  • Decide How You Will Use A VA 

Be clear about your tasks, priorities, and the duties and deadlines you want a virtual assistant to take on before you begin. This will assist you in clarifying the jobs you intend to outsource and in limiting the pool of potential candidates for virtual assistants.

  • Search for a VA with Expertise in Your Requirements 

Although not necessary, this is nonetheless good to have. Someone familiar with your business niche and/or who has worked for similar businesses will be familiar with its subtleties and any relevant technical information.

  • Check For Company Culture Compatibility

You’ll need a virtual assistant who is concerned with both your company and the work they are doing. This frequently entails that they must share your company’s work ethic and culture, and be as interested in your company’s growth as you are.

  • Evaluate Their Approach To Work Demands

The proactive virtual assistant and the reactive virtual assistant are two different types of virtual assistant roles in terms of personality. You must choose the kind of virtual assistant who will be more suitable for your business type. 

Would you like to hire someone who simply completes the work you assign them, according to your desired standards, or do you want someone who will actively participate in your company and offer suggestions and ideas?

  • Prioritize Recommendations and Reviews 

A VA who has been personally suggested to you by someone is always preferable. You want your virtual assistant to have a proven track record, so if you can’t receive a personal referral, choose someone who has verifiable client testimonials instead.


Today’s retail store owners have multiple tools at their disposal that they can use to further their business goals and turn their processes more efficiently with high ROI. One of those is to operate the business online for maximum reach. The other is to hire eCommerce virtual assistants whom they can rely upon to expertly complete a plethora of business-related tasks. By being aware of what you want out of one and how to choose such a VA, you give your business the thrust it needs to get ahead of the competition and reach every type of customer without fail. This will catapult your brand image and value in the market as well, setting up a positive feedback loop of revenue and brand value gains. 


Mike Wilsonn is a content strategist. He is associated with a reputed SunTec India, IT Outsourcing and eCommerce SEO Company with global operations. He has over 5 years of experience in this domain and has designed content for technology, travel, digital publishing, and data management. In his free time, Mike likes to try his writing skills on any up and coming subject that has engaged his interest.