What are shrooms and how to purchase them?


Shrooms or magic mushroom has psilocybin or psilocin which is a chemical compound. They are found in South America, Mexico, northwest or southern regions of the United States. Psilocybin is also known as indole alkylamine which has a chemical structure identical to diethylamide of lysergic. These drugs are abused for their euphoric or hallucinogenic effect. These drugs target serotonin receptors in the Central nervous system.

Today there are about 180 species of shrooms available and they are used for treating various health conditions.

How to use magic shrooms?

Magic mushroom has slender stems that are greyish or white and had a cap with dark gills. Dried shrooms are reddish-brown and some areas with off-white. These shrooms can be ingested orally or mixed with food or tea. They are used as dried or fresh produce and have an unpleasant bitter taste.

On consumption of any dose of shrooms, you can experience a bad trip or a terrifying experience. Dried mushrooms have about 0.2 to 0.4% psilocybin. The amount of psilocybin for recreational may vary and it shows full effect in 1 to 2 hours which will last for about 6 hours.

Also depending on the type of shrooms the dosing and effect differ. Tolerance level depends on the individual.

How does magic shrooms affect you?

Psilocybin shows effects similar to those caused by LSD or mescaline. It causes hallucination and its use involved auditory or visual hallucination. Also, it causes of inability of determining reality and fantasy. Some individuals can experience a panic reaction when consumes a large dose of psilocybin.

Hallucination causes due to action on brain serotonin can alter sleep, mood, muscle control, hunger, body temperature, sensory perception, and sexual behavior.

Physical side effects of shrooms involve vomiting, nausea, confusion, muscle weakness, and lack of concentration. If used in combination with marijuana and alcohol, it can worsen these effects.

How long do shrooms stay in your body?

When performed laboratory assays it was found that metabolite line psilocybin can stay in your system for about 3 days. But depending on your medical conditions, age, metabolic rates, drug tolerance as well as weight the period may of psilocybin to stay inside your body differ.

Health benefits of shrooms


Psilocybin therapy is found to help treat depression. Last year this Therapy was designated as a breakthrough therapy by FDA for the depression. Currently, the usona institute which is a research center is planning to start a phase 3 trial of this drug for depression treatment.

Smoking cessation-

In a study, researchers found psilocybin therapy to help in abstain from smoking for 12 months. Also, few other research suggests that psilocybin can treat other drug abuse such as cocaine addiction or alcohol addiction.

Dissolve ego-

Psychedelic or psilocybin shrooms allow one to get freedom from ego and reveal their creativity. Dissolving ego is beneficial in changing the lifestyle and feel connected with the world. Boosting creativity will further help individuals to make progress in their work-life and Much more.

Therefore, now you know all the benefits and effects of psilocybin. If you are also suffering from depression, then psilocybin therapy will be best for you and if you just what to use it for recreational use then you can find different products made of shrooms in the dispensaries.

How to find a dispensary for buying shrooms?

Reputed dispensary- the beginners will find it difficult to choose which dispensary will be good to buy magical mushrooms. Since there are lots of dispensaries it will be confusing but your focus should be to search reputed and licensed dispensaries. Only reputed and trusted dispensaries will offer original products of high quality.

To know about dispensaries, you should check its website thoroughly and read customers’ reviews. Also, you should check its background and experience. An experienced and knowledgeable team at the dispensaries will help you pick the right products and give the best experience.

Variety– it is important to look in various dispensaries and see what they offer. Different shops have different kinds of products. You should compare the quantity, price and other features of these products and then decide. The shrooms you are finding comes in different strains so check all the strains available at a particular store and how much is their price, also what is their effect, and so on.

Live chat feature- some dispensaries have live chat features which make it easier for the users to get information about the shrooms or other products. The users can tell their needs and ask about which product can give them the best results.

Offers- different dispensaries have different offers and discounts which can be availed by users on their first purchase or on purchasing a certain amount. The users should look for dispensaries that offer the best deals and offers to get benefited.

Shipping– choose dispensaries that are near to your locality so that you don’t have to deal with shipping charges. Also, see in what all areas the products are delivered. Ask whether the service provider offers discrete packaging and also what are the return or exchange policy.

Payment method– since the online dispensary has an online payment mode you cannot trust any payment mode. Choose dispensaries that offer reliable and trustable payment options and also should keep users’ privacy secure.

Keeping in mind the above things you can purchase shrooms from online dispensaries. You can buy shrooms products like tinctures, dried mushrooms, edibles like chocolate or bakery product, or tea. These shrooms’ infused edibles are very easy to consume as you don’t have to get a pleasant smell or bitter taste as in the case of dried mushrooms.


You can get shrooms from online stores and consume them without prescription. The customers should start using microdoses to get the best results and to get used to them. There is no addiction in the case of shrooms and you can stop eating them anytime. The customers should also Keep in mind that do not eat contaminated products as it may cause problems or side effects. Thus, purchase only high-quality shrooms that are safe and beneficial.


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