What to Look for When Upgrading to a Professional Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop

A laptop is something that you purchase knowing full well it won’t last forever and that eventually, you’re going to need to replace it. If you originally purchased the laptop to try some PC games, then you probably weren’t too worried about the specs. Fast forward a few years to the present day when you now consider yourself an avid gamer, and there’s no way you’re satisfied with your entry-level older model laptop.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, it may be time to check out professional gaming laptops. Here’s a guide on what you should be on the lookout for during the shopping process.

Invest in a High-Quality GPU

The specs of a laptop are something that can bog you down and have you overwhelmed very quickly. There’s just a lot to understand and be aware of. One thing you hear over and over is to focus on the processor, and while that’s certainly important, for avid gamers like yourself, a high-quality GPU (graphics processing unit) should be the top priority.

Check out options like Intel Arc™ to get a clear picture of what’s available today. You want to look for the words “high performance” in any graphics option, as this ensures you’ll not only be impressed initially but it will stay that way throughout the laptop’s lifespan.

Don’t Get Too Caught Up on RAM

Speaking of the inner workings of the laptop, people often get caught up in RAM. Sure, this is important and will ensure you get a good-quality laptop, but the good news is that gaming laptops can often be upgraded down the road. Check to see if this is a possibility, as it will give you more flexibility. In terms of the base RAM to go for, it’s recommended that gamers purchase a model with at least 16GB.

How About the Battery Life?

While it would be great if there was a gaming laptop that could provide 12+ hours’ worth of gaming time, the reality is that it doesn’t exist. Even those that claim to have long battery lives will be pushed to their limits when gaming. What this means is you want to purchase the best battery possible but be realistic and know you’ll likely need a power supply after eight hours maximum.

The Keyboard Needs to Be Comfortable and Durable

Because you will be tapping away on the keys rather vigorously, you also need a keyboard that is durable and comfortable. Some can be too stiff, and others almost have a mushy feel to them when you press on the keys. It’s a good idea to test out the keyboard before making a decision, as this one factor can make or break your purchase.

Ideally, the keyboard will also feature LED backlighting – or even better – RGB lighting which is perfect for late-night gaming sessions.

This is just a small look at the many factors to consider as you shop for a professional-grade gaming laptop. It’s okay to be picky as this is an investment piece and you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.