Get the best pocket-friendly broadband plan in Hyderabad from Hathway

Are you a freelancer or remote worker who requires the most assured and pocket-friendly WiFi connection in Hyderabad to get your work or projects promptly executed? Then Hathway broadband has got something for you – the 4+1 broadband offer. You do not have to break the bank to get unlimited WiFi plans for home in Hyderabad with this plan. More so, it’s not all work; you can also treat yourself to some online entertainment and games with the 4+1 broadband offer. So, without much ado, let’s get to know all that is about the 4+1 broadband offer.

What is the 4+1 broadband offer of Hathway?

The 4+1 broadband offer is one of the unique broadband plans Hathway has created to enable customers to have a reliable broadband connection in Hyderabad. The package is designed to run for 4 consecutive months. But what is more is that customers also get to have 1 free month of broadband internet access, meaning 5 straight months of unlimited WiFi connection.

What does it include?

The Hathway 4+1 broadband plan is available at a speed of 80 Mbps which should be quite sufficient to ensure that you deliver your online services in good time. This will also be perfect for streaming and downloading/uploading music and videos.

Another prominent feature of this Hathway broadband offer is the Zero lag smart technology. This impacts some degree of reliability, making the internet connection in your home – and even office – to be as smooth-sailing as possible. The Zero lag tech feature also makes the broadband plan a good choice for lovers of multiplayer online games.

This plan is a complete package as customers will yet have access to a free-to-use WiFi router that is available to them while the subscription lasts.

Price of the 4+1 broadband offer in Hyderabad

The Hathway 4+1 broadband offer in Hyderabad is available at just Rs. 525 – with no hidden cost attached. It is good to know that you do not have to make any advance payment as security deposits and the installation also comes at no cost. In essence, at just Rs. 525; a great value for money in Hathway’s 4+1 broadband offer.

How are Hathway better than our competitors?

This Hathway broadband plan comes with fabulous cost benefits and value-added services that set us apart from competitors. Again, the 1-month free broadband plan that customers who subscribe to this Rs. 525 plan gives more cost-saving benefits that keep them connected for longer. It is yet worth noting that the company makes these benefits available to customers without compromising quality – the positive reviews from customers are a testament to this fact.

Your search for affordable and reliable unlimited WiFi plans in Hyderabad should be over with this 4+1 broadband offer. You can reach out to the customer support at Hathway today to make more inquiries and schedule a day to have it installed if you’re seeking an upgrade or freshly setting up your internet connection.


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