Smart Tips to Extend the Life of Your GN Netcom Headsets

GN Netcom Headsets

Be it for calls, or music or to watch films, your headsets are inseparable from self. Not just for the quality of sound, but they are the tool to have your privacy while using your laptop or smartphone. Keeping up with the demand for headsets, almost every brand has been launching high-end wireless or cord headphones that fit all needs. Though there are many in the market, Gn Netcom Headsets and Jabra Headsets are widely preferred by one and all.

If buying a high end headset is one side of the coin, maintaining it well to enjoy the quality of sound is the other thing. Thus, here are some smart and essential tips for you to extend the life of your headsets:

  1. Store it right: If you are using a wired headset then ensure that you wound the cable the right way and store it in the box/case provided. These cases are designed to hold the coiled chords in the right way. Most of the time we wound it and tend to slide it however we want. This causes the cable to wither out by breakage. If you thought storage is a concern only with wired headsets then you have mistaken. Storing it right also applies to wireless headsets as well. Most often, we see wireless headsets all around the place. This exposes the headset dust or moisture causing damage. Therefore, be it any type, storing them in their box/case is a must.
  2. Clean it often: Our headphones are literally plugged into our ears throughout. During our drive, workout, work, etc. Therefore, supra-aural (on-ear) or circumaural (over-the-ear), irrespective of the type and shape of the headset, accumulation of ear wax is common, if you don’t clean it regularly. Therefore, irrespective of your usage, it’s ideal to clean your headset every alternate day or weekly twice. Use a moistened earbud for the inner side and you can actually wash the buds or cushions.
  3. Self use: You buy an amazing headset that gives that impeccable sound quality and all your closet set of people would like to experience that. It’s nice to get that limelight, but honestly speaking, it’s not advisable to have anyone except you use your headset. Headsets are person-specific i.e. for personal use. Sharing them and allowing others to use them not only affects the hygiene and the longevity of the headphones but also increases the probability of the headsets causing ear infections due to multiple users. Therefore, ensure that your headsets are used by you only.
  4. Technical care: As much as you take care of your buds externally, internal care is also essential. In other words, keep an eye on the software updates. Update your headsets with the latest software updates to continue enjoying clear and impeccable sound quality.
  5. Charge it safe: Every headset comes with its branded charger. Ensure that you charge your headset for 1-2 hours and not overnight. Also, though you can charge the headset with other chargers also as the pin matches, avoid using it because every charger comes with a defined voltage. Using a headset designated charger is a must.
  6. Detach when not in use: Be it wireless or cord headsets, the one thing that you must be particular about is to detach and disconnect when you are not using it. This is very essential to enhance the battery life which in turn impacts the longevity of the headset. Therefore, detach and disconnect is the key.


The above points thus cover every aspect of headset care that aim at the longevity of the same. As we focus on headset care, we cannot deny that headset care has an impact on personal ear care as well. Thus, using headsets for yourself ensures that there is no meddling with sound quality because when you use it, it is calibrated as per your liking and comfort. Avoids ear infections that can be caused due to multiple users. Lastly, as much as you enjoy exclusive sound quality, it is essential that you keep the headset volumes lower to avoid any damage to your hearing.

Considering that headsets have become an integral part of our lives, as much as it is necessary to be careful while using headsets, you should be equally careful while buying one. So, here are some basic pointers that you must remember while buying one:

  • What is the type of headset? in-ear, on-ear or over-ear
  • Software or drive compatibility
  • Sound quality. If you are a music lover, then you should buy a headset that manages to capture every piece of music with clarity and intensity.
  • Compatibility test. As you would use the headset with your mobile and laptop, pick a headset that goes along with all your gadgets. Also, while choosing ensure to do an impedance check.
  • Last but not the least, your headset reflects your personality. Therefore, due attention must be given to the design and comfort of the headset.



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