Understanding the Fundamental Rules for Meme Marketing

Fundamental Rules

The COVID-19 global pandemic has dramatically transformed our lives. Thanks to the social distancing, work from home, and home quarantine every one of us is living in a precarious and unprecedented time. It is predominantly the cultural age of memes. Memes are truly inescapable and are practically everywhere on the web. A meme is supposed to be an animated gif, a static image, or a video that is known to spread wildly and go viral.

Memes are universal in nature and spread at an incredible speed. They have been crafted to spread like a contagion. They are instantaneous and are regarded as universal cultural shorthand. Memes are certainly the most rapid way of communicating something funny or humorous with close friends, fans, and followers.

Today we find numerous social media accounts solely dedicated to memes. These accounts consistently share and manipulate memes. However, it is of pivotal importance to avoid forcing it. You should consider being selective in your approach and always tread with caution.

Let us discuss some fundamental rules of meme marketing.

Memes were initially unique ideas that eventually got transformed to reinforcing idea sets as they started getting disseminated much beyond their creators. Memes are certainly far more influential and valuable than just a cute joke or a terse political statement or just an ironic observation. Memes are effective marketing tools that influence marketing. According to Vogue, memes are impacting the world of fashion too. The fashion scenario is dynamic and keeps evolving. Ever since 2017, style-savvy memes have been a predominant trend across the fashion industry. In this context, Gucci has been the leader of the fashion meme movement.

Be Aware that You Will Lose Control Once Released

It is a good idea to create a meme that is based on a picture that other people have the liberty to go on adding text to for conveying their own opinion. You may start by releasing the picture with your unique text, but always keep in mind that it will very soon be modified and edited in many ways. You will lose control over the meme once it is released. This implies that the underlying rule is that you should never use a picture for your meme that could be easily used against your brand or business or you. Remember if you are using a product image, it should be a nice one that is difficult for others to make fun of you.

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Focus on Selecting the Perfect Image

The most effective memes meant for marketing purposes are relatively easier to create, simple enough for others to understand and read, relevant to the audience, and pretty much shareable. It is where high-resolution pictures may not succeed, as they will be taking up excessive bandwidth and memory. Busy images may not be perfect either as they are not at all visually engaging or readers will be taking up a lot of time in reading and deciphering the message. Remember if you are using a celebrity’s picture, there are chances of you getting sued for using their fame and popularity to earn profits without paying them. Besides, incorporating memes in your marketing mix, you may buy Instagram comments to boost your Instagram account or business’s follower count.

Put Emphasis on Choosing the Perfect Words

Humor is integral to the success of a meme as it is readily and easily shared. Always double-check and read the words meticulously before releasing the meme. Will the meme be funny for your office colleagues, will your clients find your meme funny and humorous? Will your meme be funny, acceptable, and very much understandable? Can your product get sold because of the humorous content of your memes? Is your funny meme undermining your business or brand in any way? Conduct a proper grammar check and spell-check. You should not become a joke of the web world because of silly mistakes. Do not use trending hashtags just for the heck of it. They should be appropriate to your brand or else your meme will go viral because of some wrong reasons. That could prove to be a damper for your potential clients or customers.

Remember to be Relevant & Relatable 

It is quite obvious that only a slice of the entire population will comprehend your meme. Avoid trying to generate memes that appeal to everybody. It is best to identify and know your precise target audience and focus on catering to their unique requirements and interests.


If you are not generating an original meme and relying on an existing one, make sure that it is still very much in vogue. While coming up with a unique meme ensure that the cultural climate seems to be perfect. Remember memes are not restricted to bored office staff or college-goers. They are effective marketing tools and can be cleverly integrated into your overall marketing stratagem provided you follow the fundamental rules of meme marketing. It could help in boosting your brand’s image, influence, and online reach.


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