Why is it Integral to Include Hand Washing in Kids’ Daily Routine?


Hands are one of the best assets we have got but keeping them clean all the time often seems like a task. Keeping them clean and protected from germs is one of the most significant actions we can take in order to remain healthy. While taking care of our body is undoubtedly of equal magnitude to us, kids are to be taken special care of. Hand washing for kids can become a task, and believe us, we know it.

They would touch things and surfaces faster than you know, making it almost an impossible job to stop the diseases caused by not washing hands. Hand hygiene is not something that should be lightly taken, and especially when you have kids, you have an added job. So, this article is all that your parents need starting from hand washing for kids to the 7 steps of hand hygiene.

We have curated everything of importance in just one place, so your search ends here with us. Let us not wait anymore and barge right into the sections below:

Our Hands Hold a Direct Responsibility

Is the title making you wonder what exactly are we trying to say? While this is nothing to be amazed of but something that all of us forget from time to time. Our hands are the direct carrier or one-way transportation for the germs to go right into our body system. Whatever we touch and eat goes directly inside our body one way or other making us fall sick.

Although adults can be aware of the diseases caused by not washing hands but our kids are still not really interested. This way, the importance of washing hands for kids is even more than for us. Children go to places and play, which leads to the deposition of a huge amount of bacteria and germs onto their hands. They also often come home hungry, demanding instant food and do not wash their hands.

So, try and incorporate hand washing for kids as a rule in all of your houses in a rather fun way. What else do parents need than a healthy child, right?

Why Wash Hands for 20 Seconds

Not many people know this, but it really is important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, if not more. In their busy schedule, people think of washing hands as a liability and do not do it the right way. But let us tell you, it may not be providing you even half protection from the dangerous germs. If adults like you and us are not aware of the importance of a 20-second wash, let alone the kids.

You may not know, but there is a real scientific fact involved in washing hands for at least 20 seconds every time you do it. When you scrub your hands with soap and water, it takes some time to form lather which evidently includes a molecule having two different ends. When both the molecules react, they strongly fight against germs, fats, and other things which we should avoid. If you do not use it for the said time, the soap will not get enough time to take action.

One pro tip that we have for kids who do not want to wash their hands is the birthday song! 20 seconds can be a pretty long time for kids when they see a lot more exciting things around. What you can do instead is to ask your children to sing happy birthday twice. They would not only enjoy it but also would not deny frequent hand washes. Isn’t that super cool?

What is the Proper Way of Washing Hands?

Another important point your way, guys. Now that we know how important is it for our kids and us to wash our hands along with the 20-second rule. Let us also know the correct way to wash them so that our children can get the most protection.

Even if you and your children are washing your hands a few times a day for 20 seconds, it is not enough. You should be doing it the right way to get the right work done. First things first, use a good skin-friendly hand wash that does not have chemicals. If you cannot find a suitable one around, a sanitiser would work too! Use the cleanser and lather it up with water for some 5-6 seconds. Then wash your hands all the way around. Teach your kid the right way to wash hands to keep diseases at bay.

We often do not wash our fingers properly and should be doing it the right way because that is what we eat. So do not forget to wash your fingers, the back, and the sides of your hands. Follow everything, and voila!