Without even realizing we carry the whole world in our pockets! Yes, through our smartphones we have access to so many things and we somewhere undermine that power. Every little need of ours is now fulfilled by our phones!

Newspapers, Alarm Clocks, Television, Magazines, Music systems, etc everything is now replaced by a Smartphone! We are in the era of portable entertainment where we carry magic with us in the form of our phones!

With the rise of smartphones, there is a huge change and upgrade in the entertainment industry! The last 10 – 15 years have changed the definition of entertainment! It was something which we can call a luxury, but now it is a want, and is accessible to almost everyone! Particularly in the case of gaming, the dynamics have changed!

It started with PC’s and consoles in 1970s like Space Invaders and Pac- Man, then continued with Nintendo, Play Station and X-box! But gaming had a really big change with the introduction of mobile gaming! 2010 was the year when it actually started getting its importance and popularity!

Mobile gaming helped in expanding the horizons of the gaming industry and also catered to  a wide range of gaming genres. There are games for everyone and everywhere!

Old School never goes out of the fashion

When we did not have online gaming, there were many board and card games which were available for our constant entertainment! The added advantage of Online and mobile gaming is that old games have really made a virtual come back.

Let’s think about all those classic games like Chess, Rummy, Monopoly, Uno, Snake & ladders, Ludo, etc. And now we get a chance to do it again but in a different way, it is more fun!

Our boundaries are not limited to friends and family only, with the online version of these old games we get a chance to interact with strangers, find new friends, follow new rules and regulations!

The main thing is that with the completely same game you can have a different and better experience. One of the main examples of an Old School game is Rummy! It is an online version of 13 Card Indian Rummy.

It is a game that helps you relive all those memories. Online Rummy provides you with all the benefits of an actual game. One of them being cash gains! Classic Rummy also provides you with real cash rewards and prizes when you win. Several tourneys, offers, and games are what make this Online website more exciting!

Portable entertainment through smartphones has made it possible that Old school is still fashionable!

Innovation is the Key!

With developing technology, innovation is what keeps it going! With the changing and innovating times, it is also important that receivers and audiences should be innovated!

If we try to list out benefits of entertainment it will be difficult the list may never end. When the entertainment is portable it just makes it better.

All you need to do is download the movie, tv show or game on your computer and then transfer the same to your hard drive or pen drive. This will allow you to have the entertainment with you on the go. Anytime you seem bored, simply plug in the drive that contains the movies or tv shows to a laptop and you are good to go. Portable entertainment at its best! To know more about sites from where you can download the best entertainment, click here.

The main thing that tops the list is it relieves stress. In difficult and busy times, having something that relieves your stress and that too according to your choice, what else do you need?

We may not notice it, but entertainment is what helps us connected to our culture. Most of the present entertainment is molded around the culture. Games like Chess and pong represent particular cultures. Playing such games help you stay connected to the traditional person you are!

It helps maintain our economy by letting people express their creativity and talents. With the rise of portable entertainment there is also increase in use of social media, which has opened new ways for young people to become celebrities and have a platform to express themselves.

Portable Entertainment is the next big thing, and if you are smart, then you know acquiring it and walking with the times is what you have to do next!

Be a man of the modern times, choose your entertainment wisely, play the games happily and make a proud choice!


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