Why you need a Sponsor Licence to Hire Employee Abroad


There may come a time when you discern that you need specialists to handle specific parts of your business. There is every possibility that the search for one would take you beyond the borders of your country and region. Finding the right person is a tough enough task, and bringing them over into your country is no lesser challenge.

There are immigration policies to conform to both in your country and that of the would-be employee. While there isn’t much you can do about the latter, getting your business ready to receive a foreign worker should be your priority.

Talking of getting ready, the first thing you will need is a sponsor licence. In simpler terms, most immigrants would require a sponsor to come into the UK. As a business owner, you must get authorization from the government to sponsor a foreign worker. Why? We’ll lay it bare in a moment.

Reasons to get a Sponsor Licence

Here are three reasons why you can’t do without a sponsor licence.

1. There are Little or no Alternatives

Try as you may, there is no way to bring in a migrant worker without the authorization of the Home Office. That means applying for a sponsor licence is the only way to go. Only three sets of people are exempt from this rule. These are :

  • Irish citizens
  • Anyone under the EU settlement scheme with a settled or pre-settled status
  • Anyone with permanent residence status in the UK.

Should your prospective employee fall into the category of the above listing, then it’s good for you. That’s the only reason you won’t need a sponsor licence to employ a foreigner.

2. Someone Must Be Responsible

The UK government must keep tabs on anyone coming into their borders. Doing this for everyone would be quite tedious. To bring anyone into the UK, the government requires that you be responsible for the person’s behaviour, upkeep and all.

Getting a certificate of sponsorship, in a way, means you’ve agreed to be the eyes of the government on whoever comes into the region. The penalty for any business with illegal immigrant workers isn’t a slight pat in the back. That’s why employers thoroughly verify the status of an applicant before hiring them.

3. Recent Inter-Region Politics

A few years ago, someone from the EU could walk into the UK and get employed, but no more. Since the commencement of Brexit, the UK’s new immigration system no longer reserves any preferential treatment for migrants.

The few exceptions to these rules are registered Swiss and those from the European Economic Area. Also, they must have already been in the country before the laws came to be.

What should you do?

The only option you have is glaring – apply for a sponsor licence. To apply for one, first, check the requirements to ensure you can meet them. You can’t have pending criminal convictions or other national violations if you would stand a chance for consideration.

After this, check to see if the job vacancy you’re offering meets the job suitability specifications.

Meanwhile, the sponsor licence varies in type. The first would cover temporary workers while the other cover long-term or skilled workers. You can apply for both if you so desire.

The Home office will also require that you have personnel in your business to act as the sponsor or human relations manager and a legal representative.

Though the application is online, be aware that it involves several documents. Moreover, the process takes time, but you should get an answer in 8 weeks. In some conditions, an extra £500 can help you get a response in only ten days.

Financial Implications

There are customary fees that you must pay during the application. These will vary with the size of your enterprise and the license type you want. Small firms would pay £536, while the large ones need £1476. After settling the necessary fees, all you can do is to hope and wait.


Applying for a sponsor licence doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get one. Several factors may cause your application not to yield results. Among them include failure to provide required documents within the stipulated time and lack of understanding of the workings of the licensing agency.

Employing the service of experienced immigration solicitors is very crucial for a successful application. You can reach out to some of the best on iasservices.org.uk.

Finally, though getting a sponsor licence is fundamental, it doesn’t influence the immigration agency’s decision to issue a work visa to your candidate. Each migrant must meet the conditions necessary to get into the country. So, while you’re at it, foreign employment remains a split decision.


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