Top 5 UK Competition Websites


Who doesn’t love a good competition? Of course, it’s fun to save up money and buy the things you want using your hard-earned cash, but it’s equally satisfying and exciting to enter a competition to see if you can win the thing you want. From cash to tech goods all the way through to new cars and even holidays, there are very few things out there that aren’t covered by some sort of competition, so it’s always worth seeking out competition websites to see what you could win.

Of course, you need to be careful when you’re choosing a competition website. After all, you sometimes need to trust these sites with sensitive information, so just picking any old site isn’t going to cut it. The ideal competition sites are open, transparent, and honest; they’re also extremely fair with the way they use your money (if they need it at all). The best sites also need to have great prizes regularly, of course, or they’re not up to much! Here are our top 5 UK competition websites.

1. CompetitionGo

When it comes to UK competitions and the sites that host them, CompetitionGo might be relative newcomers, but that doesn’t say anything about the quality of their competitions. This site hosts regular giveaways with some seriously excellent prizes on offer, so no matter what your particular poison is – whether it’s cold hard cash or trips away – you’re bound to find at least something you like on CompetitionGo.

The site guarantees secure payment, so when you purchase tickets (as you sometimes have to when it comes to competition sites), you know your payment information is safe. Each competition has guaranteed winners and there are no extensions on time frames, but that’s not all; you can even watch draws live on social media so you can see who’s won in real time!

2. Competition Database

Competition Database offers a huge range of free-to-enter contests. At time of writing, we were able to find over 1,700 competitions aggregated on Competition Database, which is pretty impressive; suffice it to say you’ll be able to find something here that you can get excited about winning. The site is user-friendly and designed well, too, so you won’t have any trouble navigating it.

Not only does Competition Database aggregate hundreds upon hundreds of great competitions, but it also trawls social media to find competitions being held on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. Given that there are thousands of competitions on these apps being held on a daily basis, that makes Competition Database’s achievements all the more impressive.

3. Competitions Time

Much like Competition Database, Competitions Time is an aggregate site rather than one that hosts its own competitions. It’s a clearly laid-out page that shows you the best competitions of the moment, as well as the newest ones, so you can see which ones you want to enter. At time of writing, prizes ranged from Waitrose vouchers all the way through to a 7-night stay in the Maldives. Impressive, no?

Using the sidebar, you can organise competitions by category, so if you’re only interested in books, sports, or food, you can view competitions related to those categories. You can also sort by daily competitions, as well as those that require you to get a little creative. All in all, this is an excellent competition aggregate site, so keep it on your bookmarks if you want to win some good stuff!

4. The Draw

This is a competition site on which you could stand to win some incredible prizes. The front page, at time of writing, was displaying a Samsung 55” Smart TV, as well as some rare premium Beatles-themed playing cards, a commemorative £2 FA Cup coin pack, and more. Prizes range from high-end goods all the way through to collectible curios and gift cards.

Like all great competition sites, The Draw lists its Trustpilot rating, so you can see honest reviews from customers who have managed to win (or even those who are still trying!). There’s even a Hall of Fame listing that shows you who’s managed to claim prizes recently, with more recent winners getting their hands on coffee machines, toothbrushes, TVs, and lots more.

5. PrizeDeck

Like many of its competitors, PrizeDeck is a UK-based competition site on which you can win lots of exciting prizes. It’s free to enter PrizeDeck’s competitions, so you won’t need to buy any tickets, and prizes range from Casio wristwatches through to Skullcandy headphones and even Green and Black’s chocolate packs. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for gifts.

PrizeDeck isn’t necessarily the place to go if you want goods that are more expensive, however. This isn’t a site on which you’re going to find all-expenses-paid trips to exotic locales; think more on the level of an exquisitely-prepared Christmas hamper and you’re in the right area. With that said, sometimes you’ll find great tech gifts like Bluetooth speakers or power banks, so it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled here.

These are five of our favourite UK-based competition websites. Of course, you’ll almost certainly have your own favourites that we haven’t listed here, and there could be hundreds more out there that are worthy of your attention. Which ones have we missed? What’s your favourite UK-based competition website, and what makes it worthy of inclusion on this list?