10 Different Frank Muller Watch Complications

10 Different Frank Muller Watch Complications

Most of Frank Muller watch mechanisms are created by the man behind the brand -Frank Muller himself. A trademark of this watchmaker is how he develops complex mechanisms and one that you might be familiar with is the Crazy Hours watch. But besides the Crazy hours, Frank Muller has a collection of remarkable complications that proves that this brand has many tricks underneath its sleeve. Yes, Frank Muller watches are a bit on the eccentric side, but those who love a challenge and like to have compelling watches will find satisfaction with wearing such watches. Frank Muller is not interested in creating ordinary everyday timepieces, which means the title Master of Complications attributed to him is one that he deserves. If you are interested in how the brands live up to its name Master of Complication, below are the ten watch complications made by the Frank Muller Brand. 

Aerternitas is a watch that has an eternal calendar and follows a 1000 year cycle and is renewable to infinity. The Aeternitas name alludes to the eternal calendar and the supreme complication of the watch. The Aeternitas Mega is indeed a mechanical design that goes back to both the mathematical and astrological aspects of watchmaking, which could only be executed by a mechanical genius and deserves to be on top of our list of Franck Muller Watches. With 1, 483 parts inside and 36 complications, Frank Muller goes above and beyond giving tribute to the cadraturiers of the Vallee de Joux, a Swiss Canyon in Vaud, thus creating the elegant design and structure of the watch. When we think such a timepiece could only exist in fictional books, Frank Muller brings it into reality.     

  • Revolution 3-The Triple Axis Tourbillon

The Revolution 3 is a world-class masterpiece by Franck Muller. The watchmaker took years to finalize this timepiece, and it was worth the wait. He introduced the very first tri-axial tourbillon, a tourbillon that rotates in three-axis points. This timepiece revolutionized the world of watchmaking and opened the windows for a watch enthusiast to see such a magnificent spectacle of the watch mechanism. This tourbillon is superior in time-telling accuracy as it corrects the forces of gravity in all positions, compared to the traditional tourbillon that only manages the watch vertically. This just goes to show that Frank Muller, a true-blue master in his field, challenges standards that are set and demolishes limitations. Therefore, making the Tri-axial Tourbillon a groundbreaking invention in horology. On top of this mechanical feat, the brand also added a perpetual calendar function in their Triple Axis Tourbillon watches, another overcome challenge.

  • Giga Tourbillon- The Biggest Tourbillon Ever

Another mind-blowing complication is the Giga-Tourbillon. We expect that after creating a breakthrough in the tri-axial tourbillon, Frank Muller will settle down. But true to his passion for pushing horological limitations, he then set out to create a tourbillon of an extraordinary size of 20 millimeters, which occupies half of the watch. Others might ask why such a watchmaker would go through such a fuss? The simple answer is because he can and likes to. To create this timepiece, light materials like titanium and bronze barium were used and through the expertise of the Research and Development specialist of Fran Muller. 

  • Perpetual Calendar- An Empiric Complication

The next one if our list is truly mesmerizing. This timepiece displays the date, month, and leap years until the year 2100. Whoever owns such a watch will be certain that it can be passed down for decades to come. The timepiece also shows the moon phase, functions as a highly functional chronograph, and includes many retrograde indications. Without a sure and masterful hand and mind, creating this watch and giving it exquisite bi-retro details will be impossible. Through traditional methods and sophisticated mechanical techniques, this mechanical wonder became possible. 

  • Vanguard Tourbillon Minute Repeater Skeleton

This next watch we have has probably the most desired complication: the minute repeater. However, this musical complication is commonly placed at the back of the timepiece’s caliber and tucked away for the wearer’s eye to view-but not for Frank Muller. With The Vanguard Tourbillon Minute Repeater, the wearer gets a full view of how the mechanism chimes and functions. To create one of the most complex complications, and have it in a skeletonized dial takes a level of expertise that requires accuracy and finesse. With Frank Muller’s brilliance and standard of quality this Minute repeater is a timepiece to keep. 

  • Gravity

Many think that complications need to be overwhelming in the face of the dial. While this is true to many watch faces made by Frank Muller, the Gravity is an exemption. The face of the dial boasts of elliptical structure and balances the blends of modern symmetry to create a sleek, clean look. The dial is decorated by the bridge and the pillars of the tourbillon into an elliptical circle that has a diameter of 21.2 millimeters and a height of 7.7 millimeters which creates a three-dimensional look in the watch. With the off-centered balance wheel that has 14 millimeters, the total look of the watch is aesthetically satisfying to look at. The sporty theme that Frank Muller applies in this timepiece blends well with its geometrical aspects and ties the powerful presence of this timepiece. 

  • Crazy Hours- A New Philosophy of Time

Of course, we cannot leave out the Crazy Hours complication. For anyone who wants to have a fun way to tell time, this complication is the one for them. The dial of this timepiece is a mystery to those who don’t know how it works. The numbers of the dial are arranged in a way that makes the watch function as a 4-hour jump watch. This different approach of time telling is a simple implication of what watchmaking for the Frank Muller Brand is.  Frank muller loves to involve the wearer in the different possibilities of watchmaking, through the clever interactions made by his watch.

  • Secret Hours- Secrecy & Ingenuity

Whoever thought of concealing the time from a wristwatch- Frank Muller did. This mysterious timepiece allows the wearer to suspend the time until he/she wants to and with the push button located at 9 o’clock and activate the time again. The secret hours is but another outstanding wristwatch made to give a diverse experience to the watch lover who is otherwise bored with the normal functions of a standard watch. 

  • Cintrée Curvex Remember

If you think it can’t get any more complicated than the Secret Hours, then this next complication will surely blow your mind. Once again, Franck Muller creates an unusual approach to how time is read- backward. This method of looking at the watch connotes a message of going back to time and remembering the time gone. The dials of the Cintrée Curvex Remember have hour markers that are arranged from 11 to 1 o’clock with 12 the only number in its original place. This masterpiece is another philosophical way of viewing time. This method of looking at the watch connotes a message of going back to time and the reality that time in any direction cannot be given back.

  • Master Banker-Three Time Zones

For any who lives a fast-paced life or whose work nature is to travel, the Master Banker is the perfect watch for them. With three different time zones that are adjustable with one crown ,this seems to be a simple feat to master but also proves to be a challenge to develop. Also included in the complications of the master Banker is a magnificent moon phase and excellent tourbillon. 

In A Nutshell

Frank Muller’s watches are void of any ordinary compilation and there is only one word that could describe the collection above- genius.  With every watch made, Frank Mullers causes a revolution in the world of watches, and there is no wonder why the man is called  the Master of Complication.  Truly this avant-garde approach to mechanical watches will intrigue any watch enthusiast who is in the look for something different and eccentric in the world of watches.


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