18- Budgeted Wall Paint Ideas You Should Consider

Freshening up the bare wall, making a statement wall design, or letting your creative juice flow on the wall, never underestimate the versatility of the lick of paint. From block painting to different color schemes, there are plenty of wall painting ideas that settling for one often becomes a tough task.  Thus, with this in mind, we have collated a few of simple and trendy paint ideas to ramp up your home walls and showcase the creative side.

1. An attractive colorful corner:

If you desire to add a pop of color to your room, painting a section of the space in a different color using various shapes is a perfect solution in a pocket-friendly manner. You can easily zone out a space by using clean lines, or rounded abstract shapes in the blush color trend. This is one of the easiest painting ideas for home you won’t regret choosing.

2. A picturesque study space:

With the increase in work from home, the need for a productive, attractive, and inspiring space is what is needed to break the monotony at home. When the bedroom is transformed into a dual-functional space, zoning out in style is of utmost importance to keep the theme of the room intact. Simply use diagonal lines in a dark shade, paint the noticeboard area in pastel color to create a frame-like appearance, or use a bright color to paint that entire section. Nevertheless, in every way it will add a pop of style and color to your otherwise boring-looking room.

3. Half Height View:

The flexible idea of half height view is a delight to the eyes. Using horizontal lines around the wall in a contrasting color and dissecting the wall is a brilliant idea to enhance the décor. Whether it is done by a piece of furniture like a shelf or a picture rail or a pop of wall paint, it is going to add that extra charm to the room. Thus, in this way you are maintaining the neutral balance without overdoing it to add colors.

4. Floor to-ceiling coverage:

Even if it sounds unusual, covering the wall from the bottom of the skirting to the cornices and even the ceiling in one simple color isn’t just attractive, but also makes the room look sizable and grandeur. If you don’t like the full coverage, you can have one feature wall with some print and the rest of the walls can be fully covered in a single color. This will give the room an extra oomph factor.

5. Beauty of colored ceiling:

Have you ever thought of having a colored painted ceiling? It might sound unreal but this one simple interior idea can change the complete appearance of a simple-looking room whatsoever. Whether you like pastel or a pop of bright color, painting the ceiling and keeping the rest of the walls neutral will balance and elevate the space uniquely.

6. Ombre Walls:

It might sound like a tremendous hassle, but if executed well, Ombre walls are worth the effort. You can use this effect by painting as the backdrop of your shelves in your study or work space or giving one whole wall an Ombre effect in itself. You can accentuate this space with some decorative accent and you will be surprised how a shade of one color can put so much life into one room.

7. 2D headboards:

Painting in a certain shape behind the actual headboard of the bed isn’t just striking to the eyes, but a great feature of your bedroom. You can even apply the layering technique by using two colors and creating a layering effect behind the headboard. This is one of the trendy ways to add a fun element with color schemes to your room in a neutral manner.

These are some of the brilliant ideas to add a pop of color and cost-effectively accentuate a bare wall. Choose any of the trends that you love in your next wall painting session and glimpse how different your space looks attracting everyone towards it.