What are the best options if you can’t sell your Jewelry Online?

If you have a jewelry box that is full of different types of jewelry that you no longer wear then instead of holding on to those pieces in the form of antiques, you should start planning on how to sell them and make some quick cash. 

Any type of legit piece of jewelry can be turned into your next vacation trip, a bathroom remodel, or simply next month’s car payment. But you can’t just step into any jewelry shop in the local market, sell the jewelry and accept whatever price the store pays you. 

For getting the best price on your jewelry deal, you must understand the real value of your jewelry and the right place to sell it. Well, this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post in a detailed manner. 

What is it worth?

If you are serious about knowing what you are selling then it is always a better idea to go for an appraisal from the American Society of Appraisers or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. Members of such groups have to follow set standards and ethics. The appraisal can range anything between $150 to $400 per hour. 

For giving you an example, an appraisal of a diamond ring might take an hour but if you have a piece of jewelry with multiple diamonds and if it has elaborate settings then it might take more than three hours for a proper appraisal through the members of the above-mentioned associations. You can hand over the letter of appraisal to the jewelry buyers Nashville. 

There are many appraisers that can charge you on the basis of the item but if an appraiser is demanding a certain percentage of the jewelry’s value in the form of the fee then you should stay away from them. 

Many people might argue that their spending money for an appraisal is not good since their jewelry isn’t worth much. So, if you are sure you don’t have a valuable piece of jewelry with you then you can always skip the appraisal process and directly seek offers. 

But keep in mind what you are considering as an invaluable piece of jewelry on the basis of your gut instincts might be one of the rarest stones in the market. This is why we are suggesting to go for appraisal regardless of what you think about your jewelry. 

The best places to sell your jewelry if you are not in the favor of the digital platform 

For most people, online platforms are the best place to sell jewelry as there are many reputed jewelry buyers in Nashville on the online platform and they can give you the best price but if you don’t want to sell online then you have the following options. 

Jewelry stores 

You can start searching for some of the best jewelry stores in your city and start visiting them one by one to understand what they are offering and which type of process they are using for evaluating your jewelry. 

In this case, you should never settle on the first jewelry store as this might keep you away from getting the right price for your piece of jewelry. Different jewelry stores offer different prices and for getting the best price, you should always be aware of the current demand and current market price of your jewelry. 

But be sure that it doesn’t matter which type of broker you choose, you can never get the actual retail price of the jewelry, especially if you are selling diamond jewelry. 


If you are not ready to sell your jewelry in a store since you feel they might not be able to offer you the best price then you can use your appraiser as a broker. The appraisers accept acting as a broker with alacrity and they can help you in getting the best deal for your jewelry. 

Even if the appraiser is not ready to act as a broker, there are maximum chances that they can give you a reference of another broker who can find many jewelry buyers Nashville. But always look for only those brokers who have many years of experience and vast networks since such brokers have better chances of bringing a long list of buyers for you. 

The fee charged by brokers may vary but most of them charge a flat fee. And then there are other brokers who can charge about 10 to 50 percent of the sales price as it all depends on the type of jewelry you are trying to sell. 

Most people prefer the online platform for selling jewelry since there are many genuine jewelry vendors on the online platform but if you don’t trust the online process then you can sell your jewelry through brokers or sell it directly in a jewelry store.


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