5 Best Smith Optics Sunglasses in 2021


Smith Optics is a popular brand of eyewear that has been making sunglasses and other products since the 1960s. They are especially known for their outdoor sunglasses. While many of the looks are timeless, as tastes change, the most popular models change around. The following are five of the most popular Smith sunglasses in 2021.

1) Smith Barra Sunglasses

These rectangular frames are great for a large variety of activities and settings. Whether you are taking a walk in the morning or relaxing by the water in the evening, these sunglasses will have you covered. The temple grips will hold them in place no matter what you are doing. Plus, they can look great with a casual outfit or when you get dressed up. Marvel Optics offers them with single-vision, bifocal or progressive lenses if needed.

2) Smith Basecamp Sunglasses

During outdoor recreation, your basecamp is the place where you rest, relax and unwind after adventures. These casual sunglasses were designed to reflect that feeling. They are perfect for all your outdoor fun, whether you are getting ready to hit the trails or just getting back. The Smith team designed them to stay secure and comfortable even when you are pushing the limits. The ChromaPop™ lens option will help you see enhanced, ultra-clear colors.

3) Smith Lowdown Steel Sunglasses

The Lowdown sunglasses have long been a Smith Optics icon. These glasses add z metal edge that makes them cooler than ever. The lightweight, stainless steel temples help make these glasses not only sleek and modern but also more comfortable to wear. These frames also feature the ChromaPop lens technology that helps to make your surroundings clearer than ever. We offer them with bifocal, progressive or single-vision prescription lenses.

4) Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses

If you are heading out on an adventure, who can you trust more than your guide? That is the idea behind these sunglasses. They are intended for the most demanding customers who want the ultimate in outdoor protection and technology. The wrap frame style helps keep the sun out of your eyes. Plus, the temples and nose bridge are both padded for extra comfort. These sunglasses will keep up with you no matter where you go.

5) Smith Cheetah Sunglasses

The cheetah is a beautiful example of how nature can adapt and create the ultimate in form and function. The Smith Cheetah sunglasses were created in the 1980s based on inspiration from their namesake. When you put these glasses on, you will immediately feel the timeless coolness that comes with them. You can order them with single-vision, bifocal or progressive prescription lenses from Marvel Optics.

Order Your Smith Optics Sunglasses Today

These are some of the best sunglasses you can buy whether you are heading out on the trail or chilling out around town. Check out the Marvel Optics selection of sunglasses today. We offer plenty of great options from Smith Optics and other top brands. No matter what your style and budget may be, we have something that will work for you. Place your order and get your eyes the outdoor accessories they deserve.


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