Care to take while registering a domain name

domain name

A domain name is a group of characters that is equivalent to an IP address when accessed through client software. The text that a user types into their browser to access a particular website is known as the domain name. For instance, the domain name “” belongs to Google.

Although a user may access a website by entering a human-friendly domain name, the actual address of a website is a long IP address, such as This process is known as a DNS lookup.

If you are registering a domain name, then here is a list of pointers that you should be taken care of-

Step 1: Select Your Domain Name Registrar

Registrars are companies that manage domain name reservations for those who are unaware. It is their responsibility to lease the name to you for the set period of time and price. You can think of them as hosting companies that just work with domain names.

Step 2: Check if the Domain Name is Available

You should come up with a few name options after choosing a registrar. Your domain name will be used in the website’s URL as identification, so it needs to be unique and distinctive. As long as the name is available, practically anything is permissible, though shorter names are typically easier to remember.

Choosing a domain name can be challenging because it’s a chance for branding and a first impression. A shorter name could be easier to remember, even though adding keywords could improve your search engine rankings (SEO).

Step 3: Make sure to protect the information

When you register a domain name, the public registry collects information about you as the owner. Everyone will be able to see your name, phone number, address, and email address. This could compromise your privacy.

To hide this information, you’ll need some kind of “domain ID” protection. These add-ons serve as stand-ins and ultimately hide your information from the public. There is a barrier between you and the sender even as mail is being forwarded to your inbox. Thus, as you can make out already, domain privacy protection is very important.

Step 4: Renew the Domain name registration

Your registration will be valid just during the period you choose, which is normally one year. After that year has passed, you must renew your domain name if you intend to continue using it.

Before selling it at auction, some registrars retain your domain name for a while. However, you will typically receive an email reminder 30 and 7 days ahead of expiration from the majority of domain registrars. Therefore, you should be extremely careful not to let a renewal period lapse. Domain recovery may be difficult (or impossible) after they have expired.

Thus, while you are registering a domain name, make sure that you get in touch with the expert, and for expert guidance, you can consult with the professionals at BigRock.