5 Unique Coffee Cups To Buy In 2021

Coffee Cups

Ask any coffee connoisseur, and he’ll say, “I don’t know, maybe I haven’t found my choice of coffee cup yet.” Being a coffee lover is not just about choosing between flavors it also means having a perfect cup to enjoy it.  After all, a cup enhances the warmth and appeal of your drink. It also dictates your style.  Like collecting disparate wine glasses, having a unique coffee cup collection is passionate, too.

There’s no doubt that a perfect brew served in a decent cup is the best way to start afresh morning. Coffee is the motivation for many to get out of bed in a good mood, and so is a good-looking coffee cup. For you and all those crazy coffee lovers, we’ve compiled a list of the five most unique coffee cups that you should buy in 2021.

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1. Glass Coffee Cups – Best For Home Use

Gone are those days when you have to buy those outdated coffee cups. This year, instead, you should purchase double wall glasses  for a change. No sooner did the double-walled glass cups arrive in the market, coffee lovers started buying them all. There’s a practical reason behind why glass coffee cups are preferable nowadays. The two flawless walls of borosilicate glass create an insulating layer of air within the cup.

Glass Coffee Cups - Best For Home Use

So, coffee or tea stays piping hot or cold and delicious, keeping the cup always cool to the touch. Such glass coffee mugs are durable, suitable for everyday use at homes, and best for entertaining guests. They are expertly made of mouth-blown glass that doesn’t become cloudy with its usage over time. You can find these classy cups generally in a set of four or six online and in the nearby crockery stores.

2. Porcelain Coffee Cups – Best Looks

Porcelain coffee cups add a character to every event. Whether it’s about an occasion or having a casual evening coffee, porcelain mugs are always the best choice. Especially if we talk about the plain whites, they are just impeccable! Thsimplein white porcelain mugs are lightweight yet made from high-quality materials that stand enduring. Plus, the porcelain is burnt on high fire to ensure superior persistence. These timeless mugs come with a sophisticated silhouette and minimal design to look gorgeous on the tables. Porcelain cups are pretty and capable of taking on the harsh microwave, oven, and dishwasher with ease.

Porcelain Coffee Cups - Best Looks

For the exemplary porcelain cups, we recommend two brands – Snowehome and La Opala. The set of 4 by Snowehome is the top-notch choice for white cups, but you will have to join its waiting list before getting your mugs delivered soon. Ranging from a set of two to twelve, the aesthetic print coffee mugs from La Opala is everyone’s favorite. These mugs come with a design that lets you use the cups interchangeably for both tea and coffee.

3. Stainless Steel Travel Mug – Best For Travel Purposes

We have travel mugs in the third position in our list of five unique cups for 2021. Do you know why? Because, what if you have no time to make coffee before you leave for the office? Or you have to make your favorite brew while you are traveling? The coffee mug manufacturers have come with a unique stainless steel coffee cup design with vacuum insulation to keep the beverage intact inside. These cups are more like a modern sipper (with a lid) rather than mouth-open traditional cups. While you can keep coffee hot/chilled for hours, these travel cups ensure a spill-free experience wherever you carry them.

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

So the real question is, which mug should you buy if you want to make coffee on the go? Our first choice is ESPRO stainless steel unbreakable coffee mug. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated cup features a french press to enable automatic coffee brewing. It has a coffee filter to make sure your first and last drop tastes the same. Our second pick is a travel-friendly stainless steel mug by Zojirushi. It has three capacity variants – 12-ounce, 16-ounce, and 20-ounce. Also, it has a pictograph lock and a stopper to separate stainless steel with the coating for in-depth cleaning.

4. Ceramic Coffee Cups – Best Decorative Designs

Some prefer thin porcelain mugs while a few still go for thick ceramics! Ceramic cups come with a decorative vibe adding a zest of celebration to your regular coffee drinking experience. Besides the old-fashioned and colorful ceramics, today, some excellent modern ceramic mugs are available on the market.

Ceramic Coffee Cups

The only ceramic temperature controlling cup by Ember tops this list. You can set the desired temperature of your beverage through the Ember app. It notifies you on your phone or smartwatch when the temperature hits the mark. The Porter cup by W&P is another incredible choice for a modern ceramic mug. The portable premium cup is dishwasher safe, silicon sleeve coated, and on the go companion.

5. Customized Coffee Mugs – Best For Personalization

Nothing is unique more than having a customized coffee cup. You can design a personalized mug for you and make your cupboard flooded with memories. The simplest way to design a customized cup is to make it photogenic. Choose the best photos of you with your family and friends and get them printed on your coffee mug. Some coffee lovers also love to receive a little motivation with their morning’s first coffee. For them, the personalized quote cups are the perfect match.

Customized Coffee Mugs

If you want to enjoy an iced beverage, go for buying a personalized coffee tumbler. For a unique experience, you can even purchase versatile color-changing mugs. When we are talking about customized cups, how can we not remember travel mugs with handles? Every time you go on a trip with your personalized cup, you can always carry memories from your last trip with you!


Selecting coffee mugs is not difficult if you understand your needs.  For any purposes, consider picking any of the above five mugs, and you won’t regret your decision. Each of the above-mentioned coffee cups offers something unique. Whether it is to keep the coffee warm/chilled, ensure a spill-free trip, or lure away the guests, these coffee cups will make your coffee drinking experience easy & better, and life simply beautiful.


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