7 Amazing Data Scraping Tools to Boost Your Career

None of the content on a website can offer value to the readers unless it is truly informative. If any article or blog containing a useful source of information reaches the reader, the chances are more likely that the readers are coming back to the website to absorb as much information as possible.

Any piece of content that seems truly useful and meaningful to the users allows them to import the information from a website to a document or spreadsheet which can be utilised later. All users do is copy and paste their desired content manually and save it on their computers. However, there are other websites that do not allow users to copy content of any website, this is where web and data scraping services come into play.

As copying and pasting the data manually seems to be quite monotonous, different web scraping tools have made this job easier by allowing users to extract data from the website that works more efficiently and speeds up the entire process of data scraping. All the varying data scraping tools work by using bots to extract data and content from any website and convert and save into the compatible format required by the user.

Storing Data All at the Fingertips in an Automated Fashion

The web and data scraping tools help in the extraction of different types of information such as social networking posts, web content, product reviews, texts and tables, specific numbers, contact information, etc. all that can be useful to an individual or company.

Different data scraping tools are utilised by every sector from corporation to government, social media, eCommerce, finance and insurance, and even real estate and leasing are employing the use of these tools to extract their desired data like a breeze. There exist two different types of data scraping which include web scraping and screen scraping.

●   Web Scraping

Web scraping is very effective and efficient for collecting different types of modern web data from the website that an individual or a company requires for usage. It uses web crawlers that crawl the website and discover URLs or links on the website and then the data is extracted from those links. Different web scraping tools include Web Scraper, FlightStats, and WikiBuy.

●  Screen Scraping

Screen scraping is a process of analysing visual data such as text, images, or other content to use for research purposes or record-keeping purposes. However, screen scraping targets visual data elements that appear on the screen intended for users. Different screen scraping software includes Macro Scheduler, Jacada, and UiPath.

Breeze Through the Data with Data Scraping Tools

Regardless of the purpose an individual or business uses data scraping tools, its users are leveraging the power of this useful data scraping technology to fulfil their different needs and purposes. However, no matter why one needs to extract data and how they need to use it, extracting or collecting data from the web is no less than challenging work. Following is the list of the top 7 amazing data scraping tools that will meet all your requirements in an automated manner.

1. OctoParse

OctoParse is an easy-to-use data scraping tool with no coding or no programming at all. With this tool, one can schedule data scraping at any time when needed. One of the best features offered by it is its ability to offer infinite scrolling. This tool is very friendly to manage the data extraction process. Moreover, it allows downloading the data format in API, CSV, and Excel.

2. ParseHub

ParseHub is a free data scraping tool that allows the extraction of online data with the ease of a button click. It also allows scheduling scraping time monthly, weekly, etc. This tool allows collecting and storing data on servers automatically. It even pulls data from tables, maps, calendars, and pop-ups. It allows downloading the data in different formats like CSV, JSON, and Excel.

3. Scraper API

Scraper API offers an easy and powerful solution for web scraping by simply making an API call. It manages browsers, proxies, and CAPTHA’s that allow getting raw HTML from any web page. This tool allows data extraction at a larger volume. This web scraping tool allows eCommerce businesses to search engine scraping, price scraping, and social media scraping.

4. Scrapy

Scrapy is an open-source and free framework designed for extracting the desired data from the website in a fast, simple, and efficient way. This framework extracts data using web crawlers and APIs. This framework has built-in Selectors that allow extracting the data from a website. The python framework of scrapy allows large-scale web scraping and allows storing data in the desired structure and format.

5. ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee is a web and data scraping tool that focuses on the extraction of data using APIs that manages headless browsers, rotating proxies, and CAPTCHAS. It allows different general web scraping like extracting reviews, price-monitoring, and real estate scraping without getting blocked. ScrapingBee can be used in three ways such as SEO monitoring, web scraping, and growth hacking.

6. Content Grabber

Content Grabber is a web scraping tool that allows large volumes of data extraction through point editor and visual click. One can choose to scrape data automatically by scheduling. It allows downloading the data in different formats like JSON, SQL, CSV, and MySQL. This tool uses API to build web pages and extract data directly from a website.

7. Mozenda

Mozenda is a cloud-based web scraping tool that allows automated data extraction without any blocking feature. It is a highly scalable platform that allows notification, scheduling, and publishing features that offers a hassle-free entire data collection process. This efficient data scraping solution has greatly helped the eCommerce industry for mining invisible data from the website.

Conclusive Thoughts

Different web and data scraping services allow accessing and analysing data regardless of the size of the data from any website in an efficient and fast manner. Different industries in the market leverage maximum benefit from data scraping tools to fulfil their purposes to meet their needs.