Currently, due to the significant rise in fuel price and city traffic, maintaining the mileage of bikes has become very hard for regular bike riders. A lot of bike owners and regular bike riders have stated that although the quality and the brand of their bikes are of premium standard still, they have to spend too much money on fuel regularly. The root cause for the excessive fuel consumption is low mileage and the riders need to take care of the same.

In this article, we will discuss how you can improve the mileage of your bike with some effective and proven tips. Another way you will be able to save fuel charges is by using second-hand best mileage bikes. To know more visit

Tips to increase the mileage of bikes

Here is a list of suggestions that can help you significantly increase the mileage of bikes.

1. Regularly service your bike

You need to regularly service your bike if you want to receive the best mileage from the same. Regular servicing not only increases the lifespan of your bike but at the same time, also contributes to engine health. If the engine continues to lose its health, then the mileage will always be high. Even if you delay the service of the engine then you will need to change the engine’s oil.

2. Check the settings of your carburetor

If you are someone who regularly keeps servicing your best mileage bike but still thinks that your bike’s mileage is not improving at all then you need to check the settings of your carburetor. If you mechanically or electronically retune your carburetor then it can also assist in improving the performance of your bike’s engine which in turn will increase the mileage of your best mileage bikes.

3. Check the tire pressure

The pressure of every bike’s tire differs due to the difference in weight, power, and performance of the engine and other specs. You need to alternately check the tire pressure whenever you visit a petrol station or if you are going for a long ride. Keeping proper tire pressure can help you increase the mileage of your bike.

4. Use better quality fuel

Using good quality fuel is very important for your best mileage bikes’ health. The unleaded premium quality fuel can also take care of your engine and ensures that you get the proper mileage from your bike. Always remember that low-grade fuels can potentially harm your bike in the long run.


Rising fuel prices have become an issue for the daily commuters who regularly use their bikes.

5. Don’t ride rashly

Incidents such as racing within the city premises, turning a blind eye to potholes and instant braking are considered riding rashly. Furthermore, these incidents are not only unsafe for your best mileage bikes but they will also lead you to problematic and severe conditions. In the long run, extreme rash riding can negatively affect the engine and performance of your bike which in turn affects the bike’s mileage.

6. Maintain a proper speed limit

If you are riding within a city then you should maintain a proper speed limit as mentioned on the speed limit sign beside any road. This will not only enhance your safety benefits but also help you maintain a good mileage on your bike. If you continuously ride below 40KMPH the mileage of your bike will improve and you should also avoid sudden acceleration.

7. Always utilize the kill switch

In cities, bike riders have to regularly be on the road because of the traffic signals and the waiting period is normally longer than one minute. If you are certain that you will be waiting for the green signal for more than thirty seconds then you can utilize the kill switch to turn off your engine. This method will help you save both your engine health and fuel.

8. Do not park in the direct sunlight

It is not a good idea to park your bike in a place where it will come across direct sunlight. The heat from sunlight can easily evaporate the fuel of the bike which in turn can decrease the bike’s mileage. During the day, you may not know for how long you will be gone so make sure you have parked the bike in a place that has proper shade.

If you strategically follow the things mentioned above and regularly take care of your bike, you will be able to significantly decrease your bike’s fuel consumption. Another way you save on fuel costs is by purchasing second-hand best mileage bikes.

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