Auto dialer software to improve sale conversion rate

If you are working in any organization where customer service is the necessary factor or you are probably used to dialing a string of numbers randomly, picking up the phone, and confidently taking your desired conversation.

In different departments like hospitality, healthcare, call centers, sales, and education repetitive phone conversation is very high. So, in these departments, auto-dialer is used for work settings.

What is an automatic dialer?

As the name shows that, it is an automatic dialing software that works proficiently by automation. It is a broadly used call center solution that accelerates the procedure of dialing phone numbers. Moreover, it detects unanswered calls, busy lines, answering machines as well as voicemails wisely. When a call is connected to the live somebody then it transfers this call with a live agent or plays pre-recorded voice message.

Auto dialer software effective system

Auto dialer works effectually in call center business because users require only three things to run this software effectively that are a computer for software installation, an active telephone line, and a voice modem. Voice modem permits the computer which recorded message is play over the phone. In addition, auto dialer software integrates all those components as well as all customer contact information that holds the system. After that this software use this leads database and tells the computer which numbers to dial and how to pick the busy lines, voicemails, and dead ends.

Furthermore, the auto-dialer uses a voice detection strategy. By this, the auto-dialer determines either a person or voicemail on the other end. After knowing this information, they will take action accordingly and connect the call receiver with a real person or broadcasted message. After completing this task this dialer collects all information like phone call length, call pick up rate, and several voicemails.

Various kinds of auto dialer

There are different kinds of auto-dialers and it is up to you that you can choose your required type of auto dialer that is suitable for your business function. Below are some auto-dialers descriptions that help you to make decisions easily.

Progressive Dialer

The progressive dialer never allows the user that they decide whether or not the next call is placed. With this dialer, the next call is placed immediately when the previous is completed. This dialer is quantity focused dialer that mainly focuses on the number of customers.

That’s why if you want to connect more customers in sequence then this dialer is the best option for you.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer dials multiple numbers at once but you don’t talk to multiple customers at the same time. This dialer is based upon a specific algorithm that predicts the current call finishing duration as well as places the next call at the right time until customers finish their sales call script. On large scale connecting people, it is the best and efficient dialer.

At present age, people use this dialer to diminish their agent’s idle time and increase the talk time. Besides this, if you want to get a detailed conversation regarding customers then this dialer is not suitable for you because it requires a little bit of research.

Preview Dialer

While using the preview dialer users place the outbound call or skip this. Due to this dialer users receive no option and the dialer automatically dials the next call in the call list. If the user wants to get any previous information concerning an individual customer, then a preview dialer is the best option. Moreover, it is the best option for more personalization and customer interaction whether it is followed up message or discovery call.

For demanding unique client information then preview dialer is an appreciable choice for this discussion. If you focus on quality and run an outbound calling strategy at the small level then this dialer is best for you. In addition, you can handle complex client situations.

Enjoy the major benefits of auto dialer software

As compared with manual dialing the best and more productive approach is auto-dialing. When you buy auto dialer software then you gain more benefits that strengthen your business.

Save agent time

Auto dialers enhance the agent efficiency by dialing the phone numbers automatically while in the manual dialing process a lot of time-consuming like searching the contacts, waiting for the call response, examine tasks, etc. With the advanced auto dialer, software agent reduced their idle time because this software detects the live person and connect the agent with this live person. In this way boost their productivity and made more calls per day.

Accelerate outbound calling

In manual dialing system agents have to put more effort because they dial the numbers in sequence. Besides this, it is also difficult to find productive and unproductive numbers. So, auto-dialers increase the operational efficiency of the call centers by making this process easy via the automatic dialing process. Moreover, by employing this system agents only focus on the modified customer experience and they get more customer engagement. As well as these modified connections make it easier for agents that they engage with them and convert these leads into customers. So, increase the sale conversion ratio by converting the high volume leads into customers.

Multiple campaigns

The advanced auto-dialers are designed in such a way that they run and control multiple campaigns at the same time in an efficient manner. These are designed for multi-purpose outbound tools to boost effectiveness. Furthermore, this software improves the marketing campaigns by adjusting the time for individual campaigns robotically, manage contact lists, support CRM integration, and relocating calls to numerous devices.

Real-time monitoring

At present time call center businesses measure their customer’s performances individually. Several matrices are noticeable for measuring their performances like average talk time and average handle time. Due to this cloud-based auto dialer managers generate reports that are based on real-time information by using a user-friendly interface. For generating the agent’s report, managers can use this interface to measure customer efficiency and productivity. One thing keeps in mind is that not all auto-dialers are appropriate for each company.

Every call center has different necessities and hence wants to need a specific auto  dialer. So, you must know that how to should choose your best auto dialer software appropriate for your business.

More calls linking

Different types of auto dialers are used for specific purposes. You can choose your desired one that is appropriate to your business requirements. The progressive dialer is an efficient auto dialer that links the more calls connection because its inductee the next call promptly when one agent is available to switch next call. Besides this predictive dialer is also a very efficient and productive auto dialer that predicts the numbers and connects the free agents with customers in minimum time duration and boosts the agent productivity.

Businesses use these automatic dialers to reduce the waiting time and increase the call connections and their sale conversion rate. By reducing the waiting time between calls helps to generate more leads and sales conversion.

Take up outbound calls at the perfect time

The auto dialer software permits the users that they adjust their time with each campaign. As well as most auto-dialers adjust the time zone with multiple marketing campaigns. This feature increases the demand for this dialer and more businesses utilize such dialing to improve their sale conversion rate. Moreover, this feature helps the business to initiative outbound calls at the right time. Other than they promote their services by broadcast the voice message with an auto dialer.

Organize and manage leads proficiently

The automatic dialer software allows the user that they take up multiple calls at the same time but businesses have no benefits if these calls are not recorded and organize efficiently.

Auto dialers are built with lead management features that organize, record and manage all leads proficiently. Furthermore, to keep the contact list updated as well as detecting capable customers users integrate the auto dialer with CRM.

Improve business reliability

Enhance the business reliability by monitoring and improving the agent performance constantly. Nowadays many small level businesses compete with large businesses by employing automatic dialer software by increasing their reliability. To accomplish this purpose predictive dialer is used that helps the business to switch outbound calls energetically.

Furthermore, manage the outbound calls by business standards and matching the prevailing company. This high reliability supports businesses to modify leads into sales.


An auto dialer is a concluding tool that you never ignore by knowing its benefits and you must meet your desired goals by utilizing this effective dialer approach. Other than it is best for call center software, fax broadcasting, voice broadcasting software applications. As well as all those software where phone numbers are needed to dial. So, no one wants to do it manually.

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