Who on the planet doesn’t want some extra money and that too easily? I’m sure all of us would like to earn some extra money in the easiest ways possible. Actually, earning extra money easily isn’t a mere pipe dream. As a matter of fact, there’re lots of ways and means to earn some extra money during your spare time.

If this sounds interesting, continue reading. Because in this article, I will be discussing the top five easy online jobs to earn extra money. All these jobs are legit, which means, you can work on them without any fear or problems.

Top Five Easy Online Jobs

These top five easy online jobs to earn extra money that I will be discussing how don’t really require any special skills. Therefore, almost anyone that has even the basic knowledge of using computers and the Internet can work on them.

Social Media Assistant

If you love social media, this is a great and easy job for you to earn extra money. A social media assistant usually updates the Facebook pages of the employer. They also create Tweets for Twitter and upload content on their employer’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Generally, such employers can be anyone from large corporations to high-net-worth individuals that don’t have the time for updating their social media but wish to be seen as active.

In most cases, the employer will provide you with the content that should go on their Facebook pages or Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest or Instagram accounts. You’ll also have to monitor comments that you receive on that social media account and respond accordingly.

The work of a social media assistant is generally part-time only. This means, if you’re free, you can work as a social media assistant for more than one employer at the same time and make more money.

Data Entry Operator

One of the simplest and easiest online jobs to make extra money is data entry operator. In fact, you might have seen several ads in newspapers and online job boards for such positions of a data entry operator. This is one job you can do easily even with basic educational qualifications and some working knowledge of the Internet.

As a data entry operator, you’ll have to go through raw data which can be in the form of audio or paper forms and fill out the relevant details that your employer wants, on a specific template. Usually, the employer will provide the template on which you’ve to fill in the data.

The only skill that you’ll require to work as a data entry operator is the good typing speed. That’s because almost every data entry job comes with deadlines. Meaning, you’ve to submit a specific number of completed templates every day to your employer. However, be careful of frauds and scams while applying for such jobs. Some fake employers make you pay for the software and other stuff they claim is necessary for the job or hold your payment on some pretext.

Online Coaching

Online learning has become big business nowadays, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Therefore, if you’re having expert level knowledge about any subject and can teach students, work as an online coach or online tutor. You can make a lot of money from this online job in your free time.

There Are two ways to work as an online tutor. One is by signing up with any reputed online teaching portal to work as a tutor. Or, by opening your own online classes with a website or through social media.

To work as an online tutor or online coach, you will require some excellent teaching skills. This means you might require some experience in teaching. Some online tutors have become millionaires because students love the way they teach and hence, join their classes. You too can try this simple and easy way to make money online.

Online Surveys

Online surveys won’t make you rich and nor would they provide an income that could sustain you or your family. However, doing online survey sites can help you slice off a few Rupees off your monthly household bills or boost your savings in some ways. Honestly speaking, this is one of the most favourite pastimes of people that wish to use their free time and earn some extra money from home or while on the move.

There’re lots of online survey communities that you can join. Some of them include Swagbucks, Toluna.com and InboxDollars, among others. Joining these online survey communities is free of cost. Most of these online survey communities are from the US and other countries but they also operate in India.

Once you register successfully on these websites, you will get emails about new surveys. All you need to do is click on the relevant links and start completing the survey. These companies will pay you in points. Once you have collected a specific number of points, you can request a payout. Generally, you can ask for a payout once you have points worth Rs.500 only. Alternatively, you can also ask for payment in the form of free shopping vouchers on Amazon and other major online retailers.

Micro Tasking

Micro tasking means completing small and simple tasks that are available online. These kinds of jobs include providing captions to pictures, editing sentences or proofreading or checking for wrong information and duplicate content.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one such micro-tasking service that the single largest online retailer offers worldwide. The other is TaskRabbit.com.

For each task that you complete successfully, you will get some money. And when you earn as much as Rs.500, you can request a payout and get the money credited to your bank account or online wallet. There Are different ways to receive your payment. This is a good way to make money in your spare time by working online. The more you work, the greater the pay.

Wrap Up

Try any of these top five easy online jobs to earn extra money anytime. You could use one or more of these ways to make money. However, check the terms and conditions of these websites before you join for any of the ways. The best way to check whether or not a job is legit is to find reviews from users. If you find positive reviews, these websites are worth working for. However, if these are scams, you’ll find negative reviews. Use your own judgment too to find whether an online job is worth taking. There’re lots of scams nowadays related to such jobs. Therefore, use your judgment while applying for any of these online jobs to make extra money.


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