Power BI is a dedicated program powered by Microsoft and based on business intelligence (BI). Having a professional Microsoft certification on Power BI can validate your worth as a top business data analyst because of the advanced skills and knowledge that you possess along with the certificate.

Microsoft Power BI is a solution meant for business analytics that helps you access insights and visualize data across and all over your organization or incorporate those data visualizations in any specified app or website.

Cloud-based Power BI is deployed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The secure cloud service of Microsoft’s Power BI allows you to work on interactive reports, view dashboards, and BI apps.

The Best Online Power BI Courses

Power BI by Microsoft is widely valued in the fields of business intelligence and platforms like data analytics. Some of the best business intelligence courses, which can be beneficial for your career, are stated below.

  1. (DA-100) Analysing Data With Microsoft Power BI

Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI with an exam code of (DA-100) is one of the popular Microsoft course certifications. You can enroll yourself in such constructive courses provided by expert-led IT training organizations- Koenig Solutions. The status of Koenig Solutions being a Microsoft Gold Training Partner is highly considerable.

You will learn to create and manage reports on Power BI solutions, understand Power BI developer API & mobile applications, connect and optimize data models, besides data visualization. The Power BI training program offered by Koenig Solutions will prepare you to crack the DA-100 exam and get an industry-recognized certification.

  1. Microsoft Power BI- A Complete Introduction [2021 Edition]

With a rating of 4.6, this course on Power BI is one of the highest-rated courses from Udemy, having more than 47,000+ ratings. This course includes on-demand videos, articles, full-time access, assignments, 127 resources that you can download, along with a valid certification when you complete the course.

This comprehensive course offers data analysis perspectives from different data sources, and you will be able to create your own set of data. You will learn and deal with advanced Power BI features and tools and their applications.

  1. Getting Started With Power BI

This course is offered by the online education platform- Pluralsight. This beginner-level business intelligence course is one of the highest-rated training modules dedicated to Power BI, which you can find in Pluralsight.

You will learn about integrating disparate data sources, implementing calculations, exploring data visualisations by collecting data from various sources and transforming them with a few clicks. Overall you will have a solid fundamental knowledge required in Power BI to enhance your data analytics skill sets.

  1. Introduction To Power BI

As a learner, you will gain 360-degree information-driven insight into using Power BI tools and creating purposeful reports. The training comprises 6 hours of on-demand videos plus exercises. You will learn about customising calculations with Microsoft’s Formula Language (DAX)- Data Analysis Expression.

DataCamp provides this course, and learners across well-known organisations and MNCs approve the certification courses. Besides creating interactive reports using Power BI, you will learn about its drag and drop functionality along with hands-on exercises to practice thoroughly.

  1. Microsoft Azure Power BI

Experfy online education platform offers this business intelligence course specially designed for data analysts and data scientists. The fundamental concept of this course will provide you with the understanding and knowledge regarding the usage of the Azure portal. You will learn to create interactive data visualisation reports that can be used in corporate organisations and for self-project purposes.

You will learn about Power BI desktop (free business intelligence application) and various Power BI services. Suppose you do not possess any prior experience in domains like Power BI and Microsoft Azure. In that case, you will find this course beneficial and achieve industry-recognised business intelligence certification on course completion.


Although the list mentioned above is not exhaustive, it provides information about some crucial business intelligence certifications valuable in 2021. If you plan to have smooth progress in business despite business evolutions and embrace cloud technologies, you can enrol in these courses.

Online education platforms like Koenig Solutions, Udemy, Coursera, Pluralsight, Experfy, DataCamp, and various others provide Microsoft training courses and modules on business intelligence, which will help you land secure jobs.


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