Best Java Technology Trends in Demand in 2021

Java Technology

Contrary to some popular belief that Java is outdated or old-fashioned in the technology world and that it is not as needed as it used to be, the reality is totally different. Java is, and will obviously continue to be, one of the most used languages for software development worldwide. Online Java Certification Courses are trending among the College students as well as Working professionals to start and upgrade the Career. Everything else is a misinterpretation since Java proved over and over again why it is considered as one of the best programming languages one can use today.

Java is constantly improving with the latest Java 17 will be released now in September, and Java 18 is already in development. As in every development process, some end project is better than the other, and here also normally there are more and less used Java versions. And along with this come the latest java technologies in demand 2021 that we will see here, but before we get into it, let’s see which is the most popular Java version 2021 even to this day.

Java 8

Java 8 was released in March 2014, and even though it has been around for almost eight years now, it is still the most used Java version 2021 among the developing world. There are two main reasons why: Java 8 is the first long-term support version, and it will also have extended support until December 2030. The second reason is that it has several free public updates for a longer period, which are:

  • Until January 2019 for Oracle commercial and until December 2030 for Oracle non-commercial.
  • Until December 2030 for Azul
  • At least until May 2026 for AdoptOpenJDK
  • At least until May 2026 for Amazon Corretto

Another valuable reason why Java 8 is still the most used and one of the best versions is that it is constantly updated on different parts and levels. Also, many media study companies showed through their studies that 75% of respondents still choose Java 8 as their matter of choice.

This doesn’t mean that this is the only good version. Of course, many others are used a lot. Java 11 is the second long-term version that came out in September 2018 that is also popular, and now we are waiting for Java 17 that will be the third long-term version.

Best Java Technology Trends

Since we cleared which Java version is the most used one out of the way, now let’s see which are some of the best java technology trends today in 2021:

Big Data

You can’t even imagine how big amounts of data we generate every day. That is why big data is important since it’s used to store, collect, and process this data to be able to have good actionable insights.

And because companies are concentrated on big data calculations, the Java demand is enormous since Java is one of the most wanted languages for big data projects today. This is happening because it has various open-source tools, and some of them are Deeplearning4j, Apache Mahout, and Apache Hadoop. This is why Java is even more used and needed on the market since these tools allow storing data that is generated in huge amounts.

AI-Driven Apps

Java is extremely popular among artificial intelligence app development organizations and companies because it has transparency, portability, and low maintenance. In addition, it is a language suitable for creating this type of application connected with algorithms because you can code various types of algorithms with Java.

Another reason why Java is a preferred programming language among these types of development is that it can create apps that are great in accelerating business growth. And this happens since Java can offer a host of resources that make the connection between Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning. This is yet another practical reason why Java is as popular as it is.

Remote Work

Last but not least, as we all know that remote work is trendy, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Java also comes in handy even with this challenge. This is one of the most popular Java trends in 2021 for having accessible solutions through remote work.

Suppose you want to develop remote working apps, private virtual networks, or computer maintenance that can be used remotely. In that case, Java is your best tool choice to make efficient and creative solutions. There is no better time than today for remote working apps development since they are in huge demand all over the globe.


These are some of the best Java technology trends that are in huge demand today, and also the most used version that, even though it is older, is still used a lot by being a long-term version in 2021.

Java has repeatedly proved why it is part of an elite crew of the best programming languages in the world, and that is why it is shocking when someone says that it is not as popular as it used to be. Obviously, it is quite the contrary. Java is becoming better and better and will continue to do so in the future.


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