Can You Send a Fax Online With a Phone?

Not all older technology is totally obsolete just yet. Many businesses still use fax machines to send important documents from point A to point B. Some individuals often find themselves needing to do this, too, but they come across a common problem: very few individuals own a fax machine these days. This leaves people wondering if they can send a fax online from their laptop or phone. Luckily, as it turns out, this is entirely possible.

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Can You Send a Fax Online With a Phone?

You can send a fax over the internet using any smartphone as long as you have a Gmail account. In truth, you can technically send a fax from any device that allows you to send emails. Sending a fax through your email account is no different than sending a regular email. All you need is to find the easiest online fax service, pay for a fax number and use of a domain, and start sending.

How Do You Send a Fax with Your Phone?

1. Open a New Email

There are no special tools or add-ons you need to install when you wish to send a fax through your email account. Open up the box in which you’d usually compose a new email and follow the steps below. It’s that easy.

2. Enter the Recipient’s Fax Number

People who own a fax machine or avail themselves of an online fax service have a fax number that you’ll need to use when sending them a fax. You use this in place of their regular email address. Anybody wishing to receive a fax from you will give you their fax number, and you’ll have one of your own, too.

3. Add the Domain

You can’t just send the facts straight to the fax number. You have to add a domain as if this were a regular email. For example, when emailing Gmail users, you typically add when sending a regular email. It’s no different when you’re using a fax service. The service will have a domain for you to add, such as

Altogether, the email address in the recipient bar should look something like

4. Add a Cover Letter

You can use the subject line of your email to serve as the cover letter. Type in everything you wish to say, and that’s it. You don’t need to copy and paste the text into your email body.

5. Attach the Files

Now you can use the body of the email to attach the files you wish to send as a fax. You can send files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or directly uploaded them from your device. You can send files in any format, and they’ll automatically be converted to a PDF for the recipient.

Sending a fax on your phone is as simple as sending an email. All you need is a fax service to ensure the message goes through. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!