Ecommerce Software for the Customer Base Management Automation

What is Customer Base Management Automation?

Customer base management automation in ecommerce is the process of automating customer databases to improve the relationship with customers. The ecommerce industry requires a strong customer relationship management (CRM) to elevate their business by providing excellent support and services to their customers. The management of customer’s database is the most time-consuming and hectic task due to which companies face a lot of problems in interacting with their customers. Keeping track of the old customers and getting better relationships with new ones is essential to growing your ecommerce business. Updating customers with new offers and special discounts, managing their data for fast communication, and resolving issues can lead to the success of your ecommerce company. It can all be achieved when a company has an automated CRM software that manages the customer data to increase the loyalty of customers.

Customer relationship management is a great way to manage and analyze customer data and customer interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. The main goal of CRM is to provide excellent customer services at a top-notch level so that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. It gives an overall great experience to customers in interacting with your ecommerce service that is fast, responsive, and efficient. The customer queries must be resolved on time, to which implementing AI-powered chatbots in ecommerce software has now become essential. It allows customers to get information about your product, sales, and offer in real-time. Moreover, the team can manage their tasks, increase sales, and performance of their company by utilizing some best CRM software available online.

Advantages of Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management features a lot of benefits for the ecommerce industry. It plays a vital role in the automation process of customer databases, sales team collaboration, support solutions, and much more. Let’s explore some of the tremendous advantages of customer relationship management.

  • Coordination of various departments’ activities, including the provision of a common platform for customer interaction.
  • CRM helps in the contact management of customers, like keeping the necessary information including phone number, address, and email.
  • Scheduling and reminders are also included in CRM to better collaborate with customers.
  • CRM helps in better customer retention, and it’s estimated that the probability of selling to existing customers is high as compared to the new one.
  • CRM tracks the buying habit of customers and offers suggestions accordingly.
  • The needs and requirements can be well-identified through CRM software.
  • CRM comprises ready-to-use email templates, documents, invitations, newsletters, and proposals to save customers time.
  • Keeping customers update with new features, offers, and discount through the mailing list.
  • It offers better protection of customer data by utilizing built-in GDPR software.


The following are the two best ecommerce CRM software’s that we will discuss in this article.


Help Scout is one of the most popular ecommerce CRM software that has proven to build excellent customer relationships. It has made the automation process easy to store and collect a lot of customer data at an effective speed. Help Scout has enhanced features that comprise shared email support, live chat, knowledge base, reports, and much more. Let’s have a brief idea of the services offered by Help Scout:

  • Email support:It helps customers faster than ever with a seamless collaboration like automated workflows, saved replies, and collision detection. It offers self-service support by delivering instant answers.
  • Live chat support: Help Scout offer live chat support by directing customers to helpful knowledge base articleswhen no one is available to answer on your behalf.
  • Easy to manage data: With Help Scout, you can track what matters. Scout’s reports are simple to utilize and manage data. In just a few clicks, you may filter, export, and drill down into the data.
  • Integrations: Help Scout can be integrated with various CRM platforms tocoordinate customer data across all of your most essential systems. Hub Spot, Salesforce, Shopify, Ecommerce, Slack, Shopify, and Jira.
  • Reporting: The reporting is much easier that helps the team member to keep track of their customer data, sales, leads, etc. Teams can easily collaborate and work by sending updates and reports to each other.

HubSpot is the second-best CRM software that offers a wide range of functionalities to perform automated customer relationship tasks. It records all of your interactions with your customers. It aids in the management of customer relationships because data and information pertaining to them are stored on the platform. It contains information about your customers such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social media profiles, lead status, and other details. It is much convenient and easy to use as compared to other CRM software. It helps in customization, tracking communication, and real-time updates to offer a delightful customer experience. Let’s have a brief idea of the services offered by HubSpot:

  • Social media integration:

HubSpot platform enables you to strengthen your relationship with your customers by connecting with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to find out the interest of your potential customers. The information is pulled-off from the customer’s profile to get a deep understanding of their interest.

  • Website integration:

The feature of website integration in HubSpot notified you about your leads visiting your website. It can help in identifying the needs of your leads and selling them right away. It notifies you when an old lead visits your website showing interest, then you can quickly email or call them at the spot to catch up with their interest.

  • Track communication

It’s become very difficult for sales agents to keep track of calls, messages, and emails with all of their potential customers. HubSpot made it easy to track the communication you had with your customers and enable you to directly email your client through this platform. You can also keep track of emails opened and clicked by clients to get a better perspective of how clients are interacting with your campaign.


The ecommerce industry is utilizing customer relationship management software to improve their overall relationship with their customers. Companies can maintain and automate their customer’s data by using this software. The automatic data extraction from individual customer cards, storing expert recommendations, scheduling visits, and tracking progress levels – all of this enables the organization’s employees to not only quickly fulfill the customer’s order, but also to provide their client with recent and updated information on available special offers and deals on the website.

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