Every Parents Must Know About Kids Autocad Online Training

A trusted industry standard, AutoCAD has been the backbone of sophisticated architectural and geometric design since the 80s. Intended for 2D and 3D design, users can create city maps, building drafts and more. If you take one look at the software, you might feel overwhelmed but don’t let AutoCAD fool you. Just like any skill, there will always be a learning curve and with autocad online training, you can help your child develop an arsenal of abilities that will go way beyond the screen.

Of course, depending on your child’s age and skill level you’ll have different needs and goals to meet. While you won’t necessarily be teaching your kid how to code or use software, you’ll want to have a general understanding of what to expect so you can best support their process. Below, I have listed the core of what every parent must know about AutoCAD online training and what the process might look like from start to finish.

Factors to consider when selecting the right AutoCAD online training for your child

Finding an online course for any subject is too easy these days, with infinite options, it can actually feel more complicated than it needs to be. This is why knowing what you’re looking for and understanding what your child’s goals are come into play in preventing any unnecessary turmoil. This is how you make the most of online coding classes for kids

Understand your child’s starting point.

Let’s make sure we understand our audience here. If your child is under 14, chances are you’ll encounter some blockages if certain prerequisites haven’t yet been established.

Does your child have an understanding of basic geometry and computer navigation skills? If not, perhaps you might explore an entry-level software for kids in third to eighth grade like TinkerCad before jumping into the realms of AutoCAD. By no means am I deterring you from AutoCAD, but rather suggesting this as an option before diving headfirst into the software.

However, if your child already has experience with software basics and general competence of geometric principles, exploring AutoCAD online training can offer your kid with a creative design outlet and a robust portfolio for future work opportunities.

Know what your kid wishes to accomplish

Since there is no shortage of AutoCAD training options, it can get easy to get lost in a sea of information when finding the right place. Some courses are specifically geared toward beginners with basics at the forefront of their curriculum. Other courses are designed with a more advanced approach.  When you know what your kid needs in order to learn and master AutoCad, you’ll be able to better navigate the online training process with ease.

Regardless of which training program you and your child decide on there are a few non-negotiables, like patience and daily practice, to ensure your kid is making the most out of what they learn.

Select the perfect AutoCad online training for your child

AutoCAD mastery unfolds one step at a time and selecting the right training program for your kid is half of the work. Once you have a mark of where your kid is at, navigating through course options becomes a breeze.


One of the simplest ways to introduce your child into the world of computer-aided designs begins with TinkerCAD, a free and well-known program for 3D modeling beginners. Since it is a web application, you’ll need to make sure you can connect to the internet. Aside from this one requirement, the user interface is intuitive and quick to grasp. Your child will feel like a rockstar after a few hours of tutorials and practice.


Considered to be the best online AutoCAD course and computer coding classes, this is a wonderful option for older kids who have an understanding of beginner basics. Some of the skills your kid can expect to learn in this online training include 2D and 3D design, modeling details like a roof surface or cutting out wall openings, and how to sculpt landscapes, to name a few. By the end of this course, your kid will have modeled an entire 3D community while deepening their talents.


Another top online AutoCAD training course includes The Complete AutoCAD 2016 Course from Udemy for its straightforward curriculum and lifetime access. It is also a great selection for kids who are just dipping their toes into AutoCAD where they can expect to learn beginner basics and navigation that can later be expanded through experience. Your child will learn everything from AutoCad efficiency to making professional-quality drawings and detailed lectures about advanced topics.

The courses mentioned above are just a starting point and the main thing you’ll need to consider are your child’s goals in working with this software. Depending on your needs, you’ll also want to take budget into consideration as each course requires an individual investment. As your kid continues to grow, these online training will be well worth the investment as 3D modeling and design quickly climbs the professional scope of skill sets needed.