5 On-Demand Fuel Delivery Startups That Turned Fuel Stations into On-The-Wheel Fuel Delivery

Fuel Delivery Startups

The innovations in the fuel delivery market changing market dynamics with a plethora of benefits for fuel stations and end customers. When we look at the mobile fuel delivery market trends, market insights also speak that the on-demand fuel delivery market experiencing higher growth than pre-pandemic levels.

The sudden spikes at a CAGR of 18.54% indicate there’s a lot of potential in the on-demand fuel delivery market worldwide. The fuel station can deliver fuel straight to the customer’s doorstep or anywhere they want, which helps in busting long queues and large waiting times at fuel stations. It eliminates the need to buy or rent physical space and with no middlemen involved, the cost of fuel delivery gets reduced. The complex maintenance is followed by utter convenience that end customers enjoy with fuel delivery anytime, anywhere.

It clearly showcases that the on-demand fuel delivery app is one of the trending startup app ideas to consider for entrepreneurs. If you are also geared up for launching a mobile fuel delivery business with on-demand fuel delivery applications, the insights from the success stories of leading on-demand fuel delivery start-ups would help. Take a look at the fuel delivery startups that are in a profitable state.

Top 5 on-demand fuel delivery startups that are making millions

Here’s the curated list of five on-demand fuel delivery start-ups that leveraged technology to enable mobile fuel delivery services and earn huge profits. Let’s dive in!


The well-renowned mobile fleet fuel delivery platform in the USA serves corporate campuses, individuals in the public sector, and underground storage tank owners and operators. With onsite fueling service, the platform brings savings of $1600 to every vehicle thereby increasing 61 hours of productivity and reducing carbon emission by 587 LBS.

The platform provides gasoline, diesel, fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, renewable energy, and smart tankers to people with fuel and energy needs that have reduced vehicle accident cases. With the elimination of fuel misuse by employees while tank refueling, 3-5% of fuel purchases don’t get wasted.

Also, the unique method of fuel delivery that’s fuel sourcing from terminals and then delivering straight to vehicles with no involvement of 18-wheelers truck supports the go green initiative. With the gradual expansion of fuel delivery services, the platform is raising funds from investors.


UAE-based fuel delivery service provider facilitates fuel delivery and time-saving vehicle services so that users can save the most precious asset, that’s time. The platform delivers petrol and diesel at the same rate as the petrol stations with no delivery fees involved. In addition to fuel delivery service, the platform facilitates car wash services including- steam washing, eco-friendly cleaning, and interior & exterior disinfection that makes vehicles keep shining.

Cafu ensures the vehicle’s engine keeps purring with mobile oil check and change, oil filter replacement, 10-point vehicle check, and top-quality product services. What’s more? The service provider ensures the vehicles keep rolling with tire checking and battery services.

The Middle East-born startup is continuously expanding and received awards and recognition for the time-savvy and cost-effective services they provide. Cafu operates 24/7 to deliver fuel to the people in the most convenient, simpler, and safer manner.


Since 2015, Yoshi as a gas delivery service provider delivering gas to vehicles irrespective of their location by Hazmat-certified field technicians. The top tier fuel taken from top tier stations within 2 miles of the radius is delivered which results in better mileage with quality fuel available at the lowest price. When the users order refueling service from the mobile app, six fill-ups for 1 month is available with zero delivery charges.

In addition to keeping the vehicle moving across the USA with fuel delivery services, Yoshi care vehicles with car wash services include- interior and exterior cleaning, premium handwash, mini and executive detailing, tire checks, wiper blades, windshield cleaning, engine oiling, and other services.

Wash and detailing services start at as low as $35 and the cost increases based on the type of services you want to keep the car shining.


The on-demand fuel delivery service platform enables safe and secure delivery of quality fuel to vehicles anytime, anywhere so that customers never stop for fuel or gas again. The company takes care of logistics and fulfillment facilities to facilitate refueling service to the customers at their fingertips.

The US-based startup born in California is expanding its mobile refueling business horizon in different US cities with millions of funding. Since 2015, the mobile fueling service provider attracted more than 25 million users that are spending around $60 billion annually on using its services.


The doorstep fuel delivery service provider is operating in India and distributing fuels, diesel, smart tanks, and buddy cans 24/7. The users just need to enter the type and quantity of fuel to deliver at a specific time and location and pay for the fuel orders to get fuel tanks refueled in a few taps.

Taking a step ahead, the app provides a single dashboard for all-in-one asset details that helps users view fuel consumption, analyze fuel usage, and get reports for budgeting purposes. In addition to fuel management services, FuelBuddy has also created a partnership program that welcomes fuel stations to start offering mobile fuel delivery services with a simple registration.

The cloud-enabled and IoT-based platform assists partners in technological, financial, training, and marketing support so that they can start their journey hassle-free.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand fuel delivery app?

The success stories of on-demand fuel delivery applications across the globe are impressive, which surely encourages new players to enter the fuel delivery market with on-demand fuel delivery solutions. It signals it’s the right time to pour effort, time, and money into the on-demand fuel delivery app development. However, sometimes, the cost factor deters rookie players to make inroads into the mobile fuel delivery market. The guide for fuel delivery app development cost help entrepreneurs to know how they can start cost-effectively and time-inexpensively.

On average, on-demand fuel delivery app development typically costs between $20,000 to $40,000 based on various factors such as the number of functionalities, UI/UX design complexity, tech stack, and others. Connect with reliable on-demand fuel delivery app development consultants that can help you know the exact cost estimate based on your app development requirements.