How do I get a Virtual Number for WhatsApp in 2022?

Nowadays there are often situations when there is a need to create an additional account, but what to do if there is only one number and the account is needed now and without an additional phone number? This is where our SMS-MAN website comes in, we provide virtual numbers for whatsApp sms any country, region or service. We have all the services you want and can create an account!

Features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging program. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users. Communication on WhatsApp is very convenient, you can do casual messaging, video calls, group chats and even group video calls. The registration form on WhatsApp is not complicated, you need a phone number and that’s all you need to register. You can also contact your contacts using the phone number of your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp has many competitors, but it has been making a name for itself for a long time, WhatsApp is also owned by the biggest and most popular service like Facebook! 

WhatsApp works on every system and all your data – messages, videos, photos, recordings – are stored in the cloud and can be restored to new devices when needed. In terms of security, there is no doubt about it because WhatsApp is guaranteed not to steal your information. Communicating via WhatsApp is completely free, all you need is an Internet connection. WhatsApp itself doesn’t use much RAM or CPU power, so it runs perfectly in the background without any load on the device.

Why do I need a virtual number?

In most cases, people only need the number once, for a registration in the service, after that there is no need for a phone number. That is why we provide this service, because with us it is easy to use and most importantly convenient! 

Equally importantly, you can get a virtual number for WhatsApp sms WhatsApp for any country, not just one! And this applies not only to WhatsApp, but also to all other services! Our SMS-MAN service provides not only virtual numbers for one-time service activation, but also virtual numbers for rent with unlimited sms. In addition, virtual numbers can be purchased from anywhere in the world and from any country. For stable operation and faster sms code retrieval, don’t forget to use the VPN of the country where you expect sms. This way you can learn a little more about our service. Head over to our blog and learn more about any service you might be interested in.

How do I create an account for WhatsApp with a virtual number?

To register a virtual account for WhatsApp, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1.Go to the registration page and create an account.

2.Log in to your account and top up your balance as desired from the appropriate tab.

  1. Once the money has been deposited, go to the home page, select the country and WhatsApp service you want, then click “buy”.

4.Paste the received number into the registration form on the selected platform and click on the receive sms button for the verification code to appear.

5.Use the verification code to complete the registration.

As a result, you have learned how to create a second account for WhatsApp with a virtual number.