Best Places To Sell Old Laptops

When the tech that served us for so long is no longer good enough , we try to make some cash out of it by selling it. Moreover , if you are planning to upgrade your studio with a new macbook pro , you might need some extra bills to pay .

It does not matter why you want to sell your old laptop , but selling it today is a much easier task for sure as it was in the past. A variety of wholesale electronics can be sold online.

So here you go with the list of 15 top notch websites and mobile applications you can sell old laptop and tech for cash –

  1. Facebook Marketplace

FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE was launched in October , 2016 and is no more than an extension of the facebook group chats where people used to post the products for sale. It has a customer family of more than 450 million.

The marketplace was developed to initiate commerce among the people living in the same locality . The reason for its success is that when people can see the profiles of the person they are dealing with , it gives them surety and trust develops easily .

Being a part of FACEBOOK this app is not capable enough .It does not provide you the privilege of rating people and products and is only working in US,UK , Australia and New Zealand .

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the easiest means of selling your stuff .

Amazon does not use cumbersome interfaces and listing your product is a matter of a few clicks .They have recently turned the returning authorization to third party sellers . Just as selling , returning too , is made easier and is automatically taken care of with no delays and hectic procedures .

Amazon overall , is very easy to use and one of the most trusted brands to sell your used tech with a huge family of customers .

  1. eBay

Having a user count of more than 165 million , eBay is a very popular online auction site .  By listing your process very easily , you may start by searching your product and eBay will suggest a suitable auction format and provide you with the best deal for your product . If you follow the site’s guidelines it may even provide you product guarantees .

You just need to put photos and details of your laptop and ebay will estimate shipping cost for you and even allows you to set your own shipping cost . eBay’s great user count  makes it a quick method of selling your no more needed tech .

  1. Swappa

Swappa is another good option for selling your old laptop and unlike ebay you need not pay any fees to the company as it collects its revenue from advertisements mostly .

Just start by writing a headline , then give some description and finally upload the photos of the product you wish to sell and swappa will come up with best offers as it uses a great AI algorithm that runs most efficiently. Swappa tells you the estimated price range of your product which makes it easier for you to make better deals .

  1. Gazelle

Gazelle demands a lot of hard work just to sell  unwanted mobiles , laptops and Macbooks. You just instruct the site what you need to sell and they will even send you a box to ship it for free to them .They use apple wallet , paypal and google pay .

  1. NextWorth

Nextworth provides quick quotes for various gadgets like, video games , portable speakers , action cameras , and wearables by Fitbit and Samsung. You may even sell old  laptops from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, including Macbooks. They manage payments via paypal and even pay for shippings.

  1. Close5

Close5 is an app designed to let people in the same neighbourhood trade their used items similar to facebook marketplace . This app is user friendly and demands a few simple steps to sell your used tech .

eBay is the parent company of Close5 and does not charge buyers or sellers.

  1. OfferUp

Another competitor is Offerup,and is funded by the  PayPal cofounder Max Levchin. Just as eBay their main focus is on the market of used stuff . Their products are mostly fixed price or auction style . They do not charge their users too.

  1. letgo

Letgo is an online website that provides great deals for your used stuff . It has an interface similar to pinterest and is an easy to use method .

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a very renowned website . Having a huge user base they have both good experiences . Some cases of product failure just after buying came across while some recommend it as the best site to sell your old tech .


OLX is a very popular platform for selling your used stuff in India . It makes it very easy to sell your used stuff with just a few easy steps and also provides you with various filters as per your need . OLX regularly updates new features to their app and makes selling used stuff easy and interesting.

12. Declutter

With privileges like free shipping , direct deposit and competitive offers , Decluttr becomes a very good option for you to sell your old laptops .It turns your stuff into cash by using a very few simple steps.

The only drawback is that it only buys used Macbooks and no other brands . Still it has a user base of 6 million .

13. Gadget Salvation

Where many websites allow you to sell old laptops  but only buy Macbooks,Gadget salvation is the right place for you .They buy laptops from all the brands like , apple , asus , dell , hp , intel , Lenovo , msi and samsung.


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