Why do accidents happen?

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A road accident is many a traveler’s most unexpected incident, but it happens. The worst problem is that sometimes people don’t learn from their mistakes on the road. Most people know the road rules and safety precautions very well, but the laxity of certain drivers causes accidents. Human error is the primary cause of accidents and crashes. Though best car insurance can cover most of the damages to property and health, it’s always a terrible experience to be involved in a car accident.

Most deadly accidents happen because of excessive speed. It’s a natural part of the human psyche to rush when we’re running late and some people aren’t mindful of pushing the limits. But we are always in proximity to another car when we share the road with other drivers. Increasing the speed increases the probability of accidents and their severity.

Faster cars are more susceptible to crashes than slower ones, and the severity of the collision will be more significant. Higher the speed, higher the risk.

The vehicles need more distance between them for an abrupt stop at high speeds, i.e. the distance to stop. A slower car stops fairly quickly while a faster one sometimes skids and comes to a halt after covering a greater distance. A high-speed car will have a more significant impact during the accident and will thus inflict greater injury. As you drive faster, the capacity to evaluate the upcoming occurrences is similarly diminished, upping the chances of an error of assessment and a crash.

Alcohol consumption is widespread for most social occasions. But when intermingled with driving, rejoicing becomes a disaster. Alcohol reduces the human body’s response time. Limbs take more time to respond to the brain’s commands. It can obstruct eyesight too, because of dizziness. Alcohol reduces fear and encourages people to take more risks. These driving variables cause accidents and prove fatal many times.

We recommend not to consume alcohol if you’re going to drive afterwards and if you do, stay well within the legal blood-alcohol limit. But if you believe that your joy is not complete without drinking, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol’s effect. Besides alcohol, multiple medications may influence driving abilities and focus. Talk to your doctor about any medications you’re taking before you drive with them in your system.

Being engaged in a vehicle accident leads to multiple outcomes. Your car or anyone else’s might get damaged and injuries may occur. It’s awful enough, but if you have no comprehensive car insurance, what happens?

Compulsory third party car insurance provides cover for financial compensation needed for medical costs incurred by people injured in a car accident. However, it does not cover you like comprehensive car insurance does, i.e. for damages caused either to your car or to the car or property of another individual. Insurance companies offer a range of car insurance alternatives that may fit you if you search for additional coverage. Take time to compare car insurance and choose the best one to cover your individual circumstances and budget.


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