How Is ReactJS Development Different from Simple JavaScript Program?

Whether it is JavaScript or React JS Development Company, they understand the challenges coming in the digital market. The demand for web applications is increasing in the market.

But have you focused on the significant differences in the development process with ReactJS and plain JavaScript?

What exactly is plain JavaScript?

It is also known as a vanilla script which means pure JavaScript that has no additional libraries. It is a lightweight framework with a straightforward learning curve. With the help of Vanilla JavaScript developers, you can easily create influential and significant applications and websites.

Why should you work with the JavaScript framework?

There are enumerable reasons, but let us focus on the major ones here:

  • Performance

It is an expensive framework with the essential stack for the frontend. Developers need to compile and parse Vanilla JS, unlike CSS and HTML files, which can be used only after downloading them. A small size file of JavaScript has a more significant impact on the performance of websites.

  • Experience

It gives an effortless and user-friendly experience to the developers. During the website and application development, developers just need to open the text editor and start coding. They do not have to perform time-consuming tasks like compilation steps, no build, or NPM install.

  • Easier to work

The framework makes the working environment more comfortable for the developers. It has documents to make the learning process simple and less time-consuming. Even beginners with basic knowledge can start to work with JavaScript with the help of learning modules.

What is ReactJS development?

It is a JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces. ReactJS developers can quickly build reusable UI components, which saves their time and effort. This platform is used to create large scale web apps where data is modified without page reloads.

Why should you work with ReactJS Development Company?

  • Simple

It is a component-based approach and has a well-defined lifecycle which makes it easier for ReactJS developers. It uses the JSX syntax that allows the mixture of JavaScript and HTML.

  • Easy Learning Curve

Anyone with the basic knowledge is capable of understanding ReactJS. The only things that ReactJS developers should be aware of are CSS and HTML.

  • Native Approach

It is used to build mobile apps. The framework supports reusability, which works for the web, iOS, and Android applications.

  • Data Binding

It supports one-way data binding. The application architecture known as Flux manages the flow of data into the components from the dispatcher.

What are the significant differences between ReactJS and JavaScript?



In React, it has static HTML to start with the User Interface. Instead of defining the UI on the server, it is defined on the browser. So, your app will start with an empty container, and I will be loaded in that.

Plain JavaScript

The plain JS, the initial User Interface, is created using HTML on the server. This means HTML is dynamically created on the servers, then sent to the web browser and displayed. This does not require JavaScript code yet.



The React JS Development Company supports split into the components. This means one of the components maintains the code that needs to display and update the User Interface. It keeps the updated code right next to the display code, which reduces the app complexities. It also allows excellent reusability of code and generic components.

Plain JavaScript

There are no requirements about the split between the UI components and functionality of your web app. This has also grown the complexity of JavaScript apps. As, the code which updates the HTML might be live on several JS files in the application. The JavaScript Developers have to monitor all the files in every interaction and modification.

Data Storage


It uses techniques known as controlled components, which helps in setting the text value in the JavaScript object. It stores the current state of the web app in the JS variables instead of DOM, which significantly benefits the ReactJS developers.

Plain JavaScript

The user data is stored in the Document Object Model. This is created and maintained by the browser, which represents the HTML nodes of the entire page.

Why is ReactJS worth your time and investment?

The reason for the introduction of ReactJS is that it is easier than the DOM searches and updates in JavaScript. It can be complicated to append an item into the list with plain JavaScript in complex applications. While ReactJS forces the developers to create components that change the way you interact during the software development. This makes it easier to maintain web apps. A library like ReactJS is worth the extra effort, as it has fewer bugs and better functions.  Reasons it varies from the plain JavaScript are:

  • The Plain JS app starts with the initial UI, whereas ReactJS app starts with a blank HTML page and dynamically creates the initial state.
  • React works on components, but the developers can efficiently structure vanilla JavaScript apps.
  • Data for the plain JavaScript are stored in the DOM, which needs to be found before using it. React web apps will store the data in regular JavaScript variables.
  • UI updates in plain JavaScript will be done in the DOM node by appending or removing elements.


There are millions of ReactJS Developers across the globe that are putting their efforts to deliver the best web apps in this competitive market. An experienced ReactJS Development Company can help you in performing a seamless development of mobile apps or websites.


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