How to be proficient in English Speaking

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Well, are you the one struggling with speaking English fluently? Then you are exactly at the right place. In this article, we have discussed the reason for not telling the English language fluently and how to overcome them.

You might be well acquainted with the importance of speaking English fluently. It’s basic to all. Whether you are a student or a professional working person, or just a homemaker. You need to own good conversation skills in the English language.

English is unofficially considered the official language of the world. No matter where you go, one language can help you communicate with the majority of the world’s population. Moreover, now it’s the criteria for a job in many multinational companies that you should not just know but be proficient in speaking and communicating in the English language.

It might often happen to you that you can frame sentences in your mind, and also you might know lots of vocabulary but still not able to speak English. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Dive in the article below to understand how to improve English speaking

Reasons why you aren’t proficient with speaking English

1.We are taught to read and speak English right from the junior kg. Identifying words, pronouncing them, word framing, word spelling, and finally learning to frame sentences. If you haven’t focused on the steps of framing sentences, then this might be the possible reason why you aren’t able to speak English and communicate in English correctly.

2.You lack vocabulary. You don’t know enough words to frame the sentence at the moment. You have to take a pause to think words and then speak.

  1. You might be lacking confidence. You know to frame sentences, pronounce words properly, and have a good vocabulary, but due to lack of confidence, you don’t dare to speak in English.

So, let’s see how you can overcome these reasons and speak English properly.

1.Connection between your thinking process and speaking

When you speak something, the brain and mouth need to work in synchronization. Your brain gathers the right words and frames sentences. While with the mouth, you produce sounds of those words and deliver those words physically.

Consider that if you think and frame sentences quickly, your mouth doesn’t connect quickly and smoothly. In such situations, you will be fumbling with the words in front of people. That’s the reason synchronization important between the two.

You need to fastly catch up on the sentence your brain has framed and utter it quickly.

  1. Speak in English at your home

The best way to improve in speaking English is to talk in English. Communicate with your mother, father or sister, or friends who are proficient with spoken English. They won’t probably judge you if you go wrong but correct you if you go wrong somewhere.

Do this daily, and you will soon see the results. When you communicate, you have to think and find the right words to frame sentences. This way, your speaking ability increases you can gain confidence.

You know confidence plays an important role in speaking English fluently. If you are the one who can’t speak English confidently, this can be the better trick to overcome it.

  1. Improve your Vocabulary

Improve your vocabulary by reading books. As technology advances, it also gives you a way to overcome your difficulty with English speaking. There are many apps such as Spelling bee that help you improve your vocabulary and help improve your spelling.

Spelling is the base of words and pronunciation. How you pronounce words is decided by how you spell them. This spelling bee allows you to conduct various spelling tests where you get proficient with your spelling skills. There are different sections for phrases and idioms to learn new expressions and words, their meanings, and how to use them in sentences.

  1. Slow down while talking in English

You are in the learning stage so give yourself time to think and gather words. When you try to be fast with something, you often have to pause between senescence, believe in the right words, and continue speaking.

So you should give yourself time to think and frame a sentence before you start speaking. It’s better to pause between two sentences than to fumble with words while saying the sentences.

Sometimes you might also be speaking some meaningless words to complete the sentence if you don’t give proper time to think.

So, we have discussed various reasons why you cannot speak English properly and how to overcome them. Practice these points regularly and be a proficient English speaker. All the best!


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