How To Fix Avast Antivirus Not Opening On Windows 11?

Avast antivirus is a leading product among all leading antivirus tools available on the Internet. It has some great features and it is quite reliable in detecting virus, spyware and malware attacks. However, it does suffer from certain problems like avast not opening windows 11. This problem is mainly because of missing dll files and other file extensions and it may be caused by Windows updates. In order to fix this problem you need to be sure that the dll files for avast are intact and are updated.

The dll files are small program files. You may think that you cannot possibly try and find them manually but you can easily use avast antivirus upgraded version which comes with an automatic update feature.

  • Just go to Start Menu > All Programs > System Tools > Update Driver Software
  • Once you are there just click the “Check For Updates”
  • Then once you are done hit Next to continue.

This may take a while as there will be a lot of programs updating simultaneously.

Why avast auto update fails

The reason why avast auto update fails is because the software uses system files to help it detect new updates and then update those. So whenever there are new updates available, avast has to find out from these system files where they are located. It may get confused and ends up downloading the wrong updates causing avast not to work properly. To fix this problem just download avast antivirus upgraded version and make sure that it has the proper dll files installed.

Reason 2

There are other reasons why avast fails to update. The most common reason is the software itself has stopped working correctly. If you have avast 8 or higher it’s likely that the software will need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled. Make sure you have the latest version of avast by going to the product website and downloading it. On some installations you may need to install the latest update which can usually be found in the Download Manager.

One Other Way to Solve this Issue

The other way to solve this problem is to use the “Uninstall” function on your avast interface. However this method is rarely necessary. If your avast is running without an update you will need to scan the system using avast antivirus to see if there are any damaged dll files. If you do find any damaged or corrupted files you can just delete them. This should fix the problem but it’s always a good idea to backup your dll files just in case anything goes wrong. If you don’t have a backup then avast will have to download the required dll files from its main server, which could take a while.

Avast not closing

The other problem most people have on avast is the antivirus not closing down correctly. If you’re one of these people and are wondering how to fix avast antivirus not opening on windows 11, the first thing you can do is to run avast antivirus by clicking Start, Run and type avast in the field given. This should bring up the avast antivirus desktop icon. Clicking this icon will start avast antivirus. It should take a few minutes to complete this task. Once avast has started running all you have to do is to click on the Run button and this should bring up avast’s main menu which contains several icons ranging from toolbars down to the virus scanner.

The reason why avast antivirus won’t run properly on your computer is because there are several errors which avast antivirus tries to repair. These errors are usually located in the Process System. By clicking on the Process System button you should be able to see the error messages that avast is trying to repair. The first one I listed is the largest error.

One Last thing to do

The next one which needs fixing is found in the Program Files folder, where the programs are installed. You should be able to see all the dll files that avast uses. If you see any dll files missing you need to click on Add/Remove button to repair them. The final one of the errors is found in the Data sub-folders, where avast stores its various settings and options.


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