It is a fact that from earlier times people thought that playing games was a waste of time. The one who plays game whether on a mobile, laptop, console or any gaming device is not making his time productive. It is because people are not aware of the benefits of gaming. They don’t know how gaming can become a source of income and how gaming can help people in being healthy both physically and mentally.

Most of the parents say that their children are becoming clumsy and lazy and they are losing interest in their studies because they always stick to their gaming devices and show no interest in other physical or mental activities.

Yes, an excess of anything is indeed bad but according to a survey, it is said that the person who plays mobile games or video games regularly with a time limit is more focused and physically active in their daily life. If you are one of those people who think mobile games are a waste of time and tell people not to play games then you are wrong.

There are a lot of benefits of playing games like gaming. It can help in reducing stress, beating depression and improving mood. Not only these but there are more benefits of gaming so let’s discuss them in brief.

Benefits of Gaming

Today’s society thinks that gaming has no future and it is a waste of time. It’s not their fault because no one tells us about gaming benefits, they just keep on saying that it is not good for your future and health. Moreover, there is a wide array of games available on the internet so you can download your favorite game whether you like action, racing or arcade games.

Gaming is a source to enjoy anytime anywhere and it can be a reason to change your bad or depressed mood into a good and happy one. Nowadays, people are supporting E-Sport which is like a career for gamers. In E-Sports there are several teams that compete with each other and the players of every team are being paid by the owner of the organization.

These days people are loving to play online game because some of these online gaming platforms are offering real money to the users and to play these games you just need a device and good internet connectivity.

Here are the several benefits of gaming:

  1. Gaming can Develop better Social Skills

At this time most people are facing the same problem and that is they have a fear of talking with people they don’t know how to start a communication with or how to speak in public. It is because these people feel shy speaking in public and think about what people will say about them if they speak something wrong and they have plenty of friends in their life.

But according to research, it is said that the people who play games have more social skills and they know how to win everyone’s heart just by talking with them. Students who play games build better relationships with other students because they learned social and collaborative skills through some types of games.

  1. Gaming can make you a better problem solver

There is a wide range of strategic and problem-solving games that take several hours to complete a level. These types of games polish your mind and increase your thinking capacity. The solution of these game levels depends on your actions in the game.

There is a time limit in quiz games so you have to strategize in a fast way and implement your strategy to win the game. In a survey of 2013, it is stated that the students who play problem-solving and strategic games have better problem-solving skills than other students and get good grades in upcoming classes.

  1. Gaming Improves Mood

If you don’t believe that mobile games or video games can improve the user’s mood then download your favorite game once whether it is shooting, racing or any kind of game and just play it when you feel depressed or have any mental pressure. When you will start playing the game slowly you will start evolving in the game and you forget every stress and mental pressure you just want to complete the game.

All of your tensions will just disappear and you will feel fresh after you finished your game level. You can use games as your mood booster but not as medication so if you are suffering from any high-level depression or anxiety then you can play mobile games for some time but you should take your medicines at the proper time.

  1. Gamers are more Physically Active

If you talk about being physically active then the new VR technology is very helpful because it makes the user come down from the couch and stand on their feet to play the game. Mobile games organizations are also trying to build games that are played across physical space.

People who play video games or mobile games are more mentally and physically active than normal people because they can use their brains faster and they can perform more physical activities. Moreover, gamers are more hardworking than normal people and they never give up in any situation.

  1. Earn Real Money by Gaming

There are a lot of online gaming platforms that are giving real money to users. These games have daily in-game tournaments and these tourneys have a high prize pool. Moreover, they offer users some signup bonuses and give you money when you share the game with your friends or family. Other than this there are some famous games like PUBG and CODM that have tournaments of international levels and their prize pools are above your imagination.

In these tournaments, popular teams participate and the players of these big teams get a salary from their gaming organization and a boot camp to live with the whole team and build up synergy to win the games. These teams and all gaming careers are involved in ESports which are getting a rise very fastly these days.