Importance of hosting in SEO

website hosting

Web hosting is a storage space to store website data. The user can access this data through the internet. Because of web hosting, your website can be accessed by all users over the internet. Hence based on the company’s requirement, you can choose the web hosting. The cost of web hosting depends on the data transfer limit, disk space and other factors.

What is website hosting?

It is a service that offers technology through which your audience can see your website online. We can call web hosts the home of websites. These websites are stored in servers that are delivered to internet browsers.

While building a website, most companies invest a lot in designing and development, SEO and digital marketing.

But they don’t think much when it comes to website hosting.

If you want your website to look good, and drive more traffic, then make it functional, fast and flexible with good website hosting.

By choosing a high-quality web host, you can increase the conversion rate. It is always better to choose dedicated server hosting to get the best results.

Why is SEO web hosting important?

There are various factors of SEO web hosting which can affect website performance. Some of them are website load time, server location, security etc. Let’s take a deep dive and know them in a better way:

Website load time

Indeed, the speed of a website plays a pivotal role in SEO. The website loading speed depends on the web server in which it is hosted. This implies that the server should be able to handle multiple requests of the users at the same time.

For instance, if your website is drawing more traffic in Google organically if 30-40 users visit multiple pages of your website at a time, then your website should provide a smooth experience to every user simultaneously.

Website Security

Increasing usage of the internet is giving rise to security threats. If the online transaction is a common thing on your website, you must ensure that your website is highly secured. Your web server should be protected with firewalls and other security measures. You must ensure that your website hosting provider should take the proper backup of your website. This will enable you to recover the data in case of a security breach.

Server Location

The server location is the place where the web server is present. Server location has a significant impact on SEO ranking. For instance, if you have a business website and want it to rank for a UK location, then ensure that your web server is hosted accordingly.

Server location also holds value for the PBN network. PBN sites should be hosted in their respective server locations to get better outcomes.


Companies always look for 99.9% uptime for their website. This factor determines how accessible your website is for visitors. If your uptime is poor, your website will remain down for several hours. This will impact your SEO ranking. If your website remains accessible all the time, especially when Google crawls it, it’s possible to be found in searches will increase. Your website uptime can fluctuate frequently. You should monitor the uptime and contact the hosting provider for any concerns.

Impact of web hosting on PBN

PBN, or what we can call a private blog network, is owned by any particular person or company. The main aim of PBN blogs is to build backlinks for the client’s website to boost the website ranking. Each website should be treated as an individual website, indexed, and regularly updated on Google. While building a PBN network, companies should emphasize on hosting and hosting blogs in unique IPs. If you have around 100 PBN blogs, you must ensure they are hosted in unique IPs without any footprints. PBN should never be used only for backlink purposes; hence it’s always better to choose the best PBN hosting service for your company.

How to make effective use of PBN?

Being an SEO consultant, if you are planning for link building from the PBN websites, then you should check the hosting of each blog. They should be hosted at different IP addresses.

You should consider PBN blogs like websites. Invest in quality content and do the natural placement of links from PBN blogs. Make use of relevant blogs for backlinks.

If you are facing difficulties getting effective results in PBN, you can outsource SEO hosting USA to make your work easy.


If your website is hosted on poor hosting, it will become a nightmare for you. Sudden website crashes, slow loading of the website, and downtime will become common for you in such a scenario. All the above reasons mentioned are enough to support this statement. If you have opted to go with sharing host, choose a better hosting provider; otherwise, get ready for poor SEO rankings.

Hence it becomes mandatory for any company to choose the best website hosting for seo to experience their business growth.