Is a Mac More Reliable than a PC? Secrets Revealed

Apple controls a small share of the market globally. However, the sale of products like iPhones and iPads has given Apple’s earnings a significant boost in their market share.

Due to Apple’s production of high-quality products, they have made their Macs the go-to option for many creatives. Their products are also user-friendly and consumers must research before settling on one depending on their needs.

However, that’s not to say that PCs are not useful. The current PCs are more powerful than they were several years ago. A basic PC will get a consumer through several years of their professional or school life.

Mac vs PC

If you’ve been looking for a new device, chances are that you have two options to choose from. Either a Mac or PC. So, which device should you go for?

The Mac vs PC debate has been going on for a while now. The debate has been solidified through Apple and Microsoft’s marketing strategies. Read on to find out their differences.

Antalya, Turkey – November 03, 2020: Computer screen showing Apple event logo 2020 on the screen.
  1. Graphics

A lot of professionals prefer using Apple products. In the case of Macs, it’s because the device runs without viruses, spam, and the constant need for support and upgrades.

For graphic designers looking for a reliable device, a Mac must be on your wishlist. Some of the reasons you’re considering it must be because of:

  • Mac’s dependability
  • The great specialized apps accessible only on Macs
  • Mac looks so much better than PCs

As a graphic designer, your greatest dilemma is probably which Mac to buy. Should you go for the portability of the MacBook Air or the power of a Mac Pro? Or maybe you want the biggest screen your money can get.

Getting the best Mac for graphic design is a toss-up between a larger Intel machine and a smaller M1 system. The M1 13 inch MacBook pro, for instance, is fast. But, it’s a poor choice for graphic design considering its small screen. The 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro is the most preferred choice by graphic designers.

Its base model has a 2.6 GHz six-core i7 processor. This processor can get upgraded up to a 2.4 GHz eight-core Core i9 with Turbo Boost to 5GHz. This gives the 16-inch MacBook pro more than enough power for graphic design software.

  1. Security

The level of security between Macs and PCs is one big difference between the two products. This is especially so when it comes to what you can expect from viruses and other unwanted intrusions.

A lot of the world’s computers run Microsoft Windows. It’s for that reason that most attacks focus on PCs. Malware like Trojans, which are dangerous programs can trick users into installing them by pretending to be harmless.

Once installed, they can infect all files and wreak havoc on your device. They can also enlist your device into an army of zombie machines. Such machines infiltrate other people’s devices and use them to conduct illegal activities. They can even distribute spam or advertise fraud. Those are some of the usual threats to PCs that rarely harm Macs.

But that’s not to say that Mac users should ignore the security of the product. Because as Mac’s market share increases, so do security threats. Remember that just as there are cross-platform apps, so are cross-platform malware.

But, one fact stands. Compared to Windows users, a Mac user running no security software is less likely to be a victim of a successful attack.

  1. Seamless Switch Work Between Apple Devices With Handoff

Apple’s conducive Handoff feature enables users to complete tasks without the fear of leaving them unfinished. Handoff is one of Apple’s suite of continuity features. It enables iOS and Mac to work together such that different tasks are seamlessly moved from one device to the other.

The Handoff feature also gives Mac devices the ability to answer calls coming to your iPhone. Other pre-installed apps like mail, calendar, and reminders that come with iOS and Mac devices are Handoff compatible.

The integration of Apple’s ecosystem brings the convenience of universal apps. Users can get a single app for their iOS and macOS devices and use it across all Apple platforms.

  1. Windows Runs Better on Apple

Windows OS happens to run better on a Mac compared to a PC. The malfunctioning goes away, allowing the system to run with much smoother performance.

Since the production of OS X which allowed Apple users to use Pc programs on a Mac, the world has expanded for Apple users. PC users on the other hand remained in the same position as before.

  1. Price

It’s a fact that Apple computers cost a lot more. But, this product manufacturer ensures that users get what they pay for.

You’ll not find a situation whereby an Apple computer drops to a $10 in value several tears down the line. Rather, these computers keep quite a bit of their value. You ask why? Well, it’s because these products are built better with high-quality materials.

Apple computers, for instance, have an aluminum case and are built to withstand use and to keep going. Apple devices are made for comfort and low weight demands. If you were to add up all these factors, you’ll realize that the cost is justified. That is considering what you get in just one computer. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most evident difference between Macs and PCs. According to research, Apple took the first position in a Brand Intimacy Covid Study in 2020. In the years 2019 and 2020, the American Customer Satisfaction index rated Apple as the top computer brand.

Apple users have for a long time enjoyed good customer service. That can be attributed to how the company provides its services.

PC users can contact third-party repair stores or call tech support. Mac owners receive face-to-face satisfaction from technicians in any Apple store. Apple also has a centralized identity. If you happen to have an issue with your Mac device, you can easily go to the Genius Bar and get it sorted out.

Technical issues with a PC however will have you speaking to two or more companies to figure out what the problem is. Microsoft also has technical services in their store. The thing is that they only support their own devices such as Xbox and the surface.

  1. Apple Manufactures its Hardware and Software

Apple’s operating system fits in well with the manufactured equipment. This is thanks to the fact that Apple produces its hardware and software. This favorable combination produces a better end product for clients.

Having tight control over the supply chain is one of Apple’s defining features. The company meticulously looks into all aspects of its supply chain right from design to retail.


As shown in this article, Macs have remarkable advantages over PCs. If you get a chance to work with one for a test drive, you’ll notice the obvious benefits. For these and more reasons, it would be a challenge to integrate Macs into a Windows-dominated workspace. To make the implementation easier, organizations must rely on powerful management tools.

That would ensure there’s a centralized platform for IT admins to control the Mac device. They’d also be in a position to automate app installations and put in place the right policies needed to ensure productivity.


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