If you’re a musician you know firsthand how difficult is to promote yourself and move on to the top.

When singles and albums are recorded, the question appears: “What’s next”? Nowadays it’s no longer enough just to be a talented musician, you also need to have the skills of PR and promotion, to make your creativity more visible. How many creators have these skills? Almost none. And it’s obvious musicians have to make music. But PR and marketing are a huge investment of work and time. And without knowledge and experience it’s not so easy to succeed in this business.

Here’re some tips that could help to promote your music:

Creating your fanbase on YouTube

First of all, you need to create a “performer channel,” which should look respectable and professional. The main idea is to have a variety of content that can be sorted by different playlists.

Social Media

You can’t post only about new tracks because they aren’t produced every day, but you can put photos and videos from tours, backstages from shows and music video shoots, work at the studio. You can successfully promote a project via contextual and targeted advertising, to discuss placements on thematic communities where the key audience is presented.

To be successful you need to be active on all social networks. On Instagram and Facebook you can build a strong personal brand, YouTube channel can be filled with clips, and on Twitter post short news, announce events or performances. It’s practically impossible to create and promote social networks at the same time. Usually, in this case, ask for help from professionals. For example, order music marketing for social networks on . Buy likes, subscribers, views, and comments at a price from $1.

Streaming services and music marketplaces

  • SoundCloud: This service has a good algorithm for selecting relevant music that allows listeners to find new artists in the specific genre they are looking for. Soundcloud should be “live”: comments, remarks, criticism, or praise from subscribers. You need to add new friends actively, interact with them, and listen to their music.
  • Spotify: There are statistics on the number of listens for each track which affects the artist’s popularity. Most labels regularly monitor the stats of popular tracks from as-yet-unknown musicians. Getting your track in the selection is important: subscribers will see the release on the daily Release Radar playlist. This is when a well-prepared profile is needed – people will not only listen to you, but also subscribe to the artist’s page.

The main indicators that are valued by Spotify and SoundCloud algorithms are plays, saves and followers. If you can’t promote your account on your own, ask us. If you buy soundcloud followers, in a short period of time, your creation will become prosperous and you will have many followers, likes, and plays.

  • You just need to be on Apple Music, Google Play. Don’t be lazy and upload your music to streaming services (that’s what aggregators do). After all, at any moment you can be “shazammed” and have your music checked.

Advertising from bloggers

Music promotion in this way is usually expensive. If you have enough money, make a list of bloggers with an active audience, and don’t forget to analyze the statistics. You can also cooperate with bloggers on a barter. The most important thing is to carefully explore the audience to make it as relevant as you can.

Posting around the city

It’s a viral and free promotion way. Make a sticker design and indicate the name of Facebook / Instagram / YouTube community page or a QR-code.

Do collaborations with other musicians – it will help to attract the audience of the artist you’re collaborating with.

You’re a musician, your aim is to create, trust the promotion to marketers! And don’t forget that all tips function in a complex.


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