KissAnime Is Closing, But That Is not A Bad Thing

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KissAnime revealed on Discord over the weekend that it would be shutting down again, this time permanently. However, this is not always a terrible thing. KissAnime and its sibling site KissManga were both shut down again over the weekend, this time for good, according to a post from the moderators on the unofficial discord.

This decision follows the announcement of tighter copyright regulations in Japan, which will prohibit the illegal download of anime and manga, as well as academic publications, music, and movies. While the prohibition will not take effect until January 2021, restrictions on “leech websites” that give links to pirated content will begin in October.

The demise of KissAnime and KissManga has caused a schism among anime lovers. Many people are disappointed to learn that their favourite source for free new anime has joined Geocities in website paradise, while others are content to tweet a few memes and get on with their lives.

Torrenting and copyright infringement have been a part of the anime lifestyle for nearly as long as the internet has permitted it, and it made sense for a time.

Fan-subs were sometimes littered with grammatical and spelling problems (but at the very least, they have not ripped shreds like the official dubs often were), and thus the months of waiting between becoming enthusiastic about a new show and eventually seeing episodes one through four grace the screen.

But, in the last two decades, the industry has come a long way; with simulcast and high-quality subs and dubs, it is now easier to be an anime fan.

For less than the cost of simply my Trigun DVDs, services like Crunchyroll and Funimation provide access to nearly any show you desire, streaming directly to your electronic device of choice for a year. Not to mention the dangers posed by viruses.

Finally, seeing the service close its electronic doors permanently may be a touch sad. If I said I might never watch one KissAnime show, I might be lying. But, during a world where it’s very easy and sensible to support the studios, KissAnime was undoubtedly the worst part.

Kissanime. NZ and kiss-anime. ws, for instance, are still up and operating and available. While I didn’t compromise my work computer’s security by checking if the files were still available for download, it appears that there are a minimum of temporary workarounds. it’s anyone’s estimate whether this trend will continue in October or January. Does one mourn the loss of Kiss Anime and KissManga? Does one still believe them?


If the rumours are true, expecting real KissAnime to return is pointless, which leads us to the conclusion that the similarly called replacements are not secure.

It is strongly advised that visitors scan their computers with reputable anti-virus software to remove any viruses that may have been introduced as a result of their visit. It is also crucial for users to understand that supporting piracy in any manner, including viewing, is unlawful. Many countries impose harsh penalties for anyone who breaches the law. As a result, KissAnime, whether real or fraudulent, can be dangerous.


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