Tips for Knowing When You Need to Upgrade Your Smartphone

If you’re like most people, you rely on your smartphone constantly throughout the day and don’t know what you’d do without it. As a result, if something happens to your mobile device and you don’t have the usual functionality for a period, it can be stressful and challenging.

In these situations, you want to be able to buy the right new phone ASAP so there’s less waiting around to get back up and running again. However, sometimes our phones just appear a bit out of date or temperamental, meaning it can be tricky to know if and when we should upgrade to a new product.

We don’t want to outlay money on an expensive gadget before it’s necessary or jump too fast and get a new phone only to have a better product get released soon after that we would have preferred. If you’re concerned about your smartphone and when to buy a new one, here are some tips for knowing when the time has come.

You Can’t Get the Power Button to Work

Firstly, it’s an obvious issue if you can’t get the power button to work on your phone and it won’t power off or, even worse, won’t power on or only does so occasionally. Many of us leave our phones perpetually on and just charge them as needed, but there are plenty of times when we do need to power them down.

For example, this step is necessary when it’s time to update software, reboot, or if we want to be sure we won’t be distracted by the devices even when put on silent or airplane mode. The power switch is a crucial one, so if this starts playing up, your phone may be at the end of its life.

The Touchscreen is Slow to Respond

Have you noticed lately that the touchscreen on your smartphone is slower to respond than it used to be? While all these devices can miss taps or swipes at times or even misinterpret the occasional demand, they shouldn’t be so slow to respond or register actions that they drive us crazy. If this is happening, you may need to start researching replacement options. You won’t be able to get tasks done efficiently while this problem is happening, and it’s a sign that it’s likely to get worse, too, unfortunately.

The Phone Shuts Itself Down Without Your Command to Do So

Another common sign that a phone upgrade is in order is if you find that your device starts to shut itself down without your command to do so. After phones have been in regular use for years, the battery can start having issues, and this can cause the gadget to have to power down unexpectedly in turn.

Many phones don’t have batteries that are easy to get to and replace, or the batteries are so expensive to switch out that it makes doing so prohibitive. The labor and part costs may not be worth the effort to fix the phone if the battery is what’s causing the shutdowns. You may need to opt for buying a new device ASAP.

However, keep in mind that sometimes smartphones shut down suddenly if they’ve been compromised by a hacker. If the issue only occurs once or twice out of the blue, it’s worth getting an expert to help you determine if a cybercriminal has taken over the gadget. Other signs of this problem could be getting strange credit card charges or emails or getting locked out of your phone, among other things. To avoid this situation happening in the first place or reoccurring, it’s wise to invest in comprehensive mobile security for your smartphone that will help keep hackers at bay.

Weird Things Show Up on the Screen

Have you started to see weird things showing up on your phone’s screen recently, such as lines or bands that affect your ability to read what’s on web pages, text messages, emails, etc.? What about strange occurrences such as jumping or flickering lights or even dead pixels on the screen? These things can all be an indication that your phone has damaged components. Sadly, in these situations, the cost to repair the faults can be so much that it’s better to buy a new product instead.

Some other tips for knowing when you should think about upgrading your smartphone include when it’s getting much too hot, especially after using it for a call, and if you can’t get the device to update. You might find that the battery life keeps getting shorter, so you have to charge your phone constantly, or you may have an unreliable operating system to deal with.

It can be exciting to buy a new smartphone when you’ve been keen to start using some of the latest functions and features that brands produce. However, there’s no point in spending money on a new device if you can easily get your current one fixed. If you’re unsure whether to move forward with purchasing a replacement, it’s worth chatting with a specialist technician or even a manufacturer’s representative to get a quote for repairs first.